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Euro 2008


Croatia did very well against Guus Hiddink's Russia in Moscow (0:0)

Very well against Andora, all time records from that game: 7:0, biggest win ever in official games for Croatia, we had 7:1 against Estonia before that; Mladen Petric scored 4 goals, our all time record also, not even Suker or Prso did that; Bosko Balaban scored after 14 seconds in play, fastest goal ever), and perfect 2:0 win against England in Zagreb.

31 official Euro and World Cup qualifying games at home after independence, 22 wins and 9 draws.

Slaven Bilic made a team, you will hear more from them!
This Croatian team really looks as a team these year and the Bilic knows what he is doing,he has the concept ,he has a good players to choose and i believe that we can win this group and do something big on euro.

In all of our 3 games we were better then oponnents,and this last game against England was really impressive
I saw at Eurosport the game Croatia-England which Croatia dominated completely.
One can say that England has difficulties when playing with more technichal teams (Brasil, Portugal, Croatia, Argentina...). England hasn't got a good midfield.
On the other side, Croatia seems to have good players in all positions. The far away kicks caused a lot of trouble. The wingers crossed with ease. The midfield held the ball and was able to organize good tactical moves.
So Croatia can do a lot at the next Euro (probably will get the 1st-4th place there).
WEll this group is pretty tie.. and all teams toghther.
Croatia, Russia, England , Israel and Macadonia have similar points.. in this group all can happen. and nothing close in this group.
Ohhh... my friend was tailing me for not paying attention to Euro 2008. I have no idea whats going on. I've totally lost touch with soccer.
Well, England were doing quite well against low-ranked teams. But, when they faced a decent team like Croatia, they messed up and ended up 2-0. How about that eh ??
England have no where near enough aggression and confidence. As well as technical players, they want players who are hot-headed, can carve open opposing positions and run at players. Rooney used to be such a player, but unfortunately he's playing no where near his best.

England have turned into a team that lingers as soon as they get the ball, prefer passing backwards rather than forwards, and a team that relies way too much on crouch's head.
OK folks, I'm going to reserve this thread for Croatia games! Very Happy

Croatia naional team did some new record. After few of them I was talking about, yesterday Croatia defeat Israel in Tel Aviv, before that Israel didn't loose match for a 7 years!

Exellent play by Eduardo da Silva, the guy born in Brasil, who have played for Croatia since junior days. Dudu, his nick name, confirm his talent with three goals, every one can be put in some video for the strikers school. Smile

Great play and domination, Israel hardly tried to equal, but every objective spectator should say Croatia would score one more in any case.

BTW, Slave Bilic was titled the best young manager of the world (together with Dunga of Brasil) by World Soccer... That was before this match.

Cyprus played 1:1 against Germany... Cyprus, just like Israel, have done good job last few years...
Honestly, Croatia have no chance whatsoever of winning this competition.... Laughing
I'm really worrying for England right now. England is now the third in the group I think, and it's not good if England can't get back to top of its group. It would be very disappointing if England fails to advance this round. I still don't know why the coach resists to use Beckham, I would be very happy to see him being fired if England can't advance to the next round. Gerrard does a pretty decent job as a right winger, but I think he'd be better to play as CAM.
I also agree with you shun, I think McLaren have no idea what he's doing. I think he care more about his personal rival with Beckham than the important for the national team to win the competition. I hope England would not make it to Euro and McLaren will be fired and if that happen, Beckham can find a way to England team again.

OOps this is Croatia thread.. Good to Croatia beating England, so McLaren name will messed Very Happy
Well, I agree that McClaren is a terrible coach. Everyone was praising him when England thrashed low quality teams* like Greece and Andorra. But, when they drew against a team like Macedonia at home and lost to a decent team like Croatia, he was really critisized by the media and I think that his true manager skills showed themselves there.

* = no offence meant to anybody
GameFreak wrote:
Honestly, Croatia have no chance whatsoever of winning this competition.... Laughing

Keep the faith, man! Cool Laughing

vandetta wrote:
OOps this is Croatia thread..

I'm sorry for the way this thread has developed. It started like Croatian, now it is Group E thread. Maybe it will become as named. Very Happy

vandetta wrote:
Good to Croatia beating England, so McLaren name will messed Very Happy

Your country, as opposed to Croatia (and many other football countries), is known as good employer for the managers. You don't terminate a contract until the manager really messes up.
And about his name messed, that's nothing special. Your press would find mistakes even the God is on the bench... Very Happy
Well, England really need to fire McClaren if they want a chance......he;s REALLY messing up......a draw with Macedonia, Holland, a loss to Croatia, not good.... Smile
Croatia won't win it. But neither will England. England need more zip going forward. What they need is Hargreaves back in the holding role, Gerrard in the middle so he can be given the free role he's so good at, drop Lampard, and get Joe Cole and Lennon on the wings, with Micah Richards and Ashley Cole bombing up and down the touchlines. Then find a decent partner for Rooney. Crouch has been a scoring machine but doesn't partner Rooney very well. Michael Owen at his best is sadly missed.

England's problem is that they don't have a striker who is banging in the goals for fun at the moment.
England don't need strikers, they need BECKHAM back....
GameFreak wrote:
England don't need strikers, they need BECKHAM back....

Sorry but I have to disagree with that. He really hasn't influenced a game I've watched him play for so long now. Plus he's not playing regular football at the moment. I think picking Beckham will be a backwards step, unless they play him in the holding role in the absence of Hargreaves.

Beckham was a great player in his day, but his time has been and gone
well!! every thing is possible but england can do all !! Rolling Eyes Wink
i think england has no hope in winning it ,england may have one of the best leagues in the world but they don't have a very good manager the only manager i think could make england a beetter would have been Hiddink
Am English and don't think England will wi it, i also believe we have the strongest League in the world, but when our england team is full of players that can't get in their clubs first team, you can see the forgien influence that gets the league the rating it currently does.

Surely looking past World Cup finalists Italy and France can't be considered along with the Porugesse and Spainish....
Not disagreeing Croatia are looking good, but i do believe there a very good teams more likely to win
You hit the nail on the head there. Such is the influence of foreign players and coaches in the english premier league, that around half the England squad are not used to playing in big games, so the step up to international level is difficult for them.
i think germany will be champion in Euro 2008
What do you think about Macedonian Natinal Team? Under Srecko Katanec they are performing well and can be a serious opponent to every team in the group. They proved that in both matches against England , but ruined the image against Russia in Skopje.

However, Macedonia has the best team since 1991 and I think that with tactical wisdom and a team spirit they can reach the 3rd place for the first time in history
I think that England have a very good chance at winning because they have a new manager, a new captain and by then owen will be back on his feet after his injury in the world cup against sweeden and lets not forget rooney who has the potential to be THE best striker england or even the world has even seen.
no, Germany is not able to win the Euro 2008 at the moment. Jrgen Klinsman is fast fast away from germany and without him, this team not rulez!
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