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Pc gaming vs Console gaming

pc or console gaming. which do you prefer
 78%  [ 30 ]
 21%  [ 8 ]
Total Votes : 38

lately i have been selling my consoles eg gc,xbox,etc. i am over console gaming. its to repetitive. you can pay up to $1000 on something that is the same for 2years. i would rather get a pc that i can build for $1000 and its way better then the console.
Agent ME
I've lately been preferring consoles, especially the 360.

Price: I can pay $400 for the system which will last at least a few years, and run all the games for it flawlessly. But with a PC, I can pay $400 just for the video card (not even getting to the processor) that might be able to play some game in a high quality mode, but in a year or two I'll be back at playing at the quality I used to be at, with the more demanding games.

Online: With the Xbox 360 and Live, there is an online system independent of any specific game, where I can have a friends list that shows what game everyone is playing, I can message or start up a voice chat easily with them (no matter what game they're in), they can send me an invite to the game they're in so I can join them easily, etc. Its easy to keep track of friends.

But on PC, every online game I've seen reinvents online, with its own friends list thing, or no friends list, making it impossible to track friends. And messaging between different games, or in many cases, messaging in the same game but in different servers, requires me to minimize the game itself, start up AIM / MSN Messenger, message the friend, quickly switch back to my game so I don't get killed, and then minimize my game again when I get a message from him so I can read it, etc...

Compatability: With consoles, you can be absolutely sure your game will work on it, as all the consoles are manufactured to work the same way. But on a PC, maybe the game doesn't like my video card, or maybe my monitor isn't good enough for the game, or I need to go download 300 updates for Windows, DirectX, my video card, my processor, etc, to get the game to work.
I'd like to play my consoles more, but lately I don't know, I've just been veering more toward the computer. The entire world seems to be moving more toward the computer these days, not just in gaming either.

But I would like to play the classics again though. N64 is still an awesome system.
I prefer a PC. You can do a lot more useful features on a PC anytime. If you like playing with consoles because you like playing on a TV, you could go get a TV turner card for your PC and plug in your PC to your TV. Also, a PC can be upgraded later on for extensions of more power and features. Very Happy
I prefer PC too. With PC, I can do so much things like surfing the net, playing games, reading news and etc Cool
well consoles are good but pc's got the power and i think in future there will be no diffrence between consoles and a pc judgeing by the trends of the market
If consoles came with a mouse and a keyboard they would be worshiped as gods. I prefere the pc because of how easy it is to aim with the mouse, compared to moving an analogue stick with your thumb..

(Although that could be me, my accuracy is crap what ever I use!!) Surprised
Simple as to which platform has the games you want.
It really depends. I suppose PC because it is FAR more powerful than consoles. If you had $6000, you've got yourself the ultimate gaming machine. It can easily surpass the Xbox 360 and the upcoming Playstation 3. The PC has always been more up to date than consoles. An example would be a motion sensitive controller. (Like the PS3's). In 1999, both Logitech and Microsoft launched motion sensitive controllers, and the gameplay was almost exactly like Warhawk was on the Playstation 3. In addition, with a PC you can use steering wheels, keyboard/mouse, controllers, and joysticks.

Then again, consoles can do stuff the PC can't. (I'm mainly referring to the Wii and its controller). There are some games that are only available for consoles and not for the PC. Finally, one negative about the PC is the compatibility issues. You have to make sure the game you purchase works on your hardware and software.

However, in some cases, I tend to enjoy consoles more than the PC.

One reason I enjoy console gaming is becuase I'm in the couch and not in a chair. Laughing The PC, though, can do the same if you simply hook it up to your TV.

Overall, I prefer PC, though I still love cosoles.
when it comes to games im a bit split for the console you have it easy just load the game CD/DVD and start playing no hardware checks no noting.

in most cases you cant get your hands on Mod's add-ons etc like whit a PC and whit a PC you can almost 100% times play around whit the workings of the game change and make your own skins textures map. and a big plus whit the PC is its not just for games you can actually do other tings whit it Razz
I dont know about you guys, but I most definitely prefer PC gaming over console gaming. Here are a couple reasons:

1. There is a kind of 360 degree freedom in using the mouse over a controller stick.

2. The keyboard allows much needed hotkeys and simple movement (especially in games like world of warcraft).

3. You can minimize your game and chat with your friends at anytime.

4. You can change the graphics interface so that if you have a kicka$$ video card, you can make the pc game look better than any console version.

5. PC gaming is the future...meaning computer hardware is constantly being upgraded and innovated to fit modern games. You can't say that about the xbox-360. You just cant upgrade the console processor or video card.

So...if you had a choice between buying a game for the pc or a console, I'd say, buy the pc game. Wink
Pc gaming over console gaming, the reason is because in the computer you can play the same game than in your console game and the quality of the game its good enough to play it like in a console.
Too in the computer you can speak with your email contacts, listen your music, surfing the net, watch your films, download files.... lot of thing that a console cant offer, so im convinced that pc gaming its much more better than console gaming.
Bye m8s
duh! PC

u can do anything with PCs.....forget consoles, get a gamepad.
pc gaming has the edge at the moment i would say due to the fact the 360 is only next gen console around. i've gotten every console in the past when it's price was right but i never paid more than AUD$400 for one. until the 360 gets to that affordable price i'll stick to current consoles and my pc (with a 9800pro that i bought when it was AUD$~400) since it'll probably handle games until dx10 next year.
the consoles are the best Very Happy
pc must updating (cpu, memory,...) but consoles musn't
console are have the best games before pc Laughing
A PC gives the user so much more control over the game that they are playing. Textual input is a vital aspect to any moderately complex game, and it is not present in console games. PCs have the edge when it comes to games that require complexity, and thus they have the edge in my mind.

HOWEVER, you cannot have a really good social experience on a PC, it is simply not a social machine. Sure you can play online, but not with other people in the room.

A console is the best thing to have for groups of people, because everyone is interacting, often on the same couch, and people can look at each other and laugh. It is the evolution of the board game.
It has multiplayer, thats what I like!!
Agent ME
AG007 wrote:
It has multiplayer, thats what I like!!

And the xbox 360 does too, with a unified online environment, and many games with split-screen mode. Razz

shuoaini wrote:
3. You can minimize your game and chat with your friends at anytime.

On a 360 with Xbox Live, you don't have to "minimize" your game to continue chatting with friends, whether or not they're in the same game as you. Don't even have to take your fingers off the controller and pause playing to type a message with voice-chat (sure some PC games support voice chat, but not integrated into the system's UI, and if you want to chat with someone in a different game, you'd have to use Skype or something, and then you'd need to minimize your game to set up Skype...). Confused
I agree with the earlier poster who said that consoles would benefit immensely from a keyboard and mouse, esp. since no better control combination has yet been found for FPSes. Also, it's nice to have an arbitrary number of extra buttons for e.g. RTS games where you can benefit from a large number of hotkeys. I think the benefit of hardware standardization for consoles is immense -- I'm *really* sick of cutting-edge games crashing because my video card driver is version instead of, and I can't roll it back, and the patch isn't due out for another two weeks. If it works on one Xbox, it should almost certainly work on all of them.

I'm holding out hope for the new "Games for Windows" initiative (where Microsoft certifies hardware and software as being mutually compatible), but I have no way of knowing if it will be a success.
Console gaming, definitely. My main reasons for this are:

1. The games I want are on consoles, eg. Mario, Zelda, Halo, Metroid, etc.

2. I don't have to upgrade them every 1-2 years to play the latest games.

3. My PC is as good as a pile of steaming elephant #$@!. Razz

Number 3 would be the main reason, but even if I had the best computer in the world, I would still prefer console gaming. Smile
That's a good point I hadn't thought of -- the PC doesn't have nearly the franchise support of most consoles. You have your Might and Magic, your Ultima, your Command and Conquer, etc., but they usually either don't last, or only come out with one every few years. In any given year you can count on having at least one of Mario, Zelda, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, etc. For some reason the PC seems to have trouble establishing the same kind of quality series.
Consoles, all the way! Very Happy

PCs are fine and dandy, but consoles, I find, last longer (both in function and simple popularity). I don't want to have to keep throwing money into a half-empty metal case just to keep it on the "cutting edge" when I can just buy a good console for less than half the price, but have double the fun.

Oh yea, and I prefer the console games/controller. That's just personal preference though.
other wy round for me.

PC's rule.

They can be modded, upgraded, clocked.

and you can do all of the work yourself.

Only problem is microsoft Evil or Very Mad

Pc's good 4 lan games
Alright, my reasons why both are equally good:

First of all, you have to upgrade your computer to play the latest games. end of story, thats final. You don't have to upgrade your console, ever. you might need to buy a new one every five years or so, but that's really much more economical compared to upgrading your pc every year or so.

now, on to styles of games.

First person shooters are usually better on the PC, since you have the mouse, enabling more precise and comfortable shooting.

Third person action games are good on both platforms. some games utilize the analog buttons in good ways, while some don't

Strategy games like command and conquer simply don't do it on consoles. you NEED a mouse and keyboard for fast building and neat hotkeys.

RPG's are a whole different chapter. these are usually made specifically for one platform or another, making it perfect, no matter if you're using a pc or a console.

Driving games... well, these are equally fun on both platforms. If you're lucky enough to have a steering wheel in your posession, you can play easily on a PC, and the regular game pads usually cut it on the console, due to pressure sensitivity. keyboards suck for accelerating. In my opinion anyways.

uhm.. I'd list more, but I figure you all get the point of where I'm going. As with everything else, "what is better" is a matter of opinion, and is an argument that cannot be resolved (without violence ending in murder. E.G: Bush.).
Kitten Kong
In general i find that consoles have only 1 thing over a PC, analog controllers. But they are only helpful in 1/10 games and the rest they are vastly inferior to a good old keyboard and mouse setup. I found the balance, i went to the store and spent $40 on a PS2 style control for my PC, problem solved.
I prefer to play in my PC rather than in my PlayStation 2.

Let me break that down for you.

I like PlayStation 2 over PC because..
1. PS2's are dedicated for my gaming only. It is alright to mash the controllers like 10 year olds. I wouldn't do that with my keyboard. Smile
2. To me, the PC/internet is part of my life. Shocked What would I do without Google search, e-mail,, GTalk and YM, and everything else. Therefore, I would rather want my PS2 to crash than my PC because of my gaming. Plus, not everybody in my house favors hours of playing games in the PC. Very Happy
3. It is much cheaper than a PC. Its a fact.
4. It has more power than a PC in terms of processing and graphics. (But I don't know if that statement still applies to this age. Smile I haven't played the latest consoles.)

On the other hand, I like to play games with my PC much more than with my PS2 because..
1. I use my PC not only for gaming, but for stuff such as e-mails, work, etc. Therefore, its more applicable for me to invest in a good PC, than a good PC plus a console box.
2. I can run the old school games such as Ice Climber, Dr. Mario, Bomberman, etc. Very Happy
3. I think that PS2's cannot serve all types of gamers. PC's can. For example, I play at work during my break, which can't be done with a console.
4. It is much easier to play online with a PC. Although consoles are geared towards online gaming, PC's are already steps ahead of them.
5. PC's are more available than console boxes. You may not find a console in every home.. But it might be possible with a PC. (is it Question ) The fact is, it can be found in every office!

So, the answer to me is, PC.
I am much more into console games because my computer isn't that nifty. Not so much RAM, and a crappy video card. Therefore, I stick to consoles.

I do, however, really like playing Roller Coaster Tycoon 1 and 2. They actually run on my computer and though I've played them for a long time, I love them a lot. But besides that, few games run on my computer.
Alienz wrote:
I prefer PC too. With PC, I can do so much things like surfing the net, playing games, reading news and etc Cool

You can do all that with a console, too. Razz
Yes, I think that PC games are better, Ther's much more of them, and you can have a game on about everything, unlike game consoles.

Also, Most people have computors to do other things on so you might as well use them to play games.

The other thing is that you can upgrade PC's without buying a whole new games console.

This is why I have to use a microsoft running system because there are not so many games and downloads avallible for macs.
Well I'm hooked to PC. I think its the best Multimedia centre. Just keep it simple, All Console mostly can only be used to play games and maybe watch DVD depends on the machine. While with PC the boundary is limitless.

And the graphics overall is better played @ PC as long as you got a capable PC depends on the game requirement. But some of Japanese RPG that are good sometimes only available on Console and now thats bollock Evil or Very Mad !

I want them on PC too. So yeah I guess if you are a true gamer console and PC is a must have, but if you are a casual gamer, I think PC will be enough to satisfy your hunger Laughing
A battle I've been arguing for many years now, I can see the advantages of both sides.

I'd go with PC personally. The use of an OS is so conveniant when very new games are concerned. Also upgradability is a lot easier. I don't know, I'll just always like PC for gaming more despite the high prices compared to consoles... it's just more flexible on the whole
I have to say both.

Cause if you use a console like Wii or GC ,
they have their one genere like Pokemon or Mario.
Again , if you use a P.C , they have their native games.
I have played a lot on PC, playstation, playstation 2, nintendo, super nintendo, nintendo 64 and some XBOX360.
It´s hard to say wich one I prefer... When it comes to adventure games, platform games and racing games I usually prefer console, since I think the controll is better. On the other hand I haven´t played any PC games with any other controller than keyboard and mouse... so that might be the reason Wink

When it comes to FPS(first person shooters) I really prefer PC since I think it has better accuracy. And yes, I have played FPS games on consoles for many, many... many! hours, so it´s most likely not lack of spent time learning the controlls... Might be lack of skills though <changes subjekt>

I've played alot on both platforms. They both have its own benefits but I would go for pc because you're able to mod or develop games.
Consoles are pure entertainment. You and your friends can take up the controllers and play a game, or watch a DVD or listen to music etc. In the future were probably gonna see more multifunctional consoles to provide entertainment to the whole family.
The pc is more a platform for First Person Shooters because it has mouse and keyboard. It's also a more nerdy platform, becuase you have the option to mod or develop your own games.
Dj Redrum
both are good in there own ways. but if i have to choose i would probably go for the normal console, as i find it hard playin different types of games on a keyboard & with a mouse.
I have a PS2 that isn't used that often. In my opinion, computers are much better than consoles for a couple reasons.

1) the big one, PCs are upgradeable. consoles come out every once in awhile and then become outdated when the next one comes out. With PCs, you can upgrade a graphics card on day, add some memory the next. There are no limitations.

2) PCs can do other things. Consols just sit there and plays games, sure it can sometimes play DVDs, but until I can write my term paper on it, I'll stick with PCs.

3) Easy of use, my PS2 is in my basement. To play, i have to move all the way down, turn on a TV, plug in a few cords. In that time I could already blasting enemies away on a PC game. Games are about fun, fun that is provided as soon as possible.

4) the controller, I use a mouse and a keyboard all the time. When using these IO devices for PC games, I'm familiar with their shape and feel and their response. I don't use a console controller that often and so it just feel awkward and slow.
I used to say id never go and buy a PC cause they are just a rip off, but now im different.

When i got my new PC the old PS2 immeadiatly started collecting dust.
Online gaming and havning Xfire and MSN to use is cool. If i had more money id certainly still be gaming on both, but since i dont, ill just stick to my PC.

PS3 will be good with COD3...stupid people making it console only

Sad Confused
If you want to play with your friends the consoles are better. Nintendo on the computer is not as fun as in the real machine! I have the old NES and N64. They where both very entertaining and I think they is realy funny.
I don't think I going to buy a console any more. The PC have the power. You do everything on the computer so why not use it. I can't understand Xbox and playstation that use the same game as the computer. Then I can se no reason for buying the console to play it.
Consoles with there gamepad controllers makes fast game funny but strategy, First-person shooter and many role-playing games doesn't fitt in to these gamepads! In that case it's better with the PC with it's keyboard and mouse.

-Many big games is made to earn money but they often lost most of it's spirit and destroy the name if they use a already famous game. (eg. Zelda majoras mask, N64)-
Console gaming, while it will never compare graphically with the PC, do bring there own flare. Zelda has been a long time favorite of mine and I have consoles to thank for that.
enygmasoft wrote:
Console gaming, while it will never compare graphically with the PC, do bring there own flare. Zelda has been a long time favorite of mine and I have consoles to thank for that.

Yeah. That's quite true. PC's improve their graphics. While at the same time, consoles' graphics go up too. PC's has never matched the graphics of the console. I wonder when will it happen.
I would think the opposite, actually. Since PCs are customizable, you can buy the best (and most expensive) gfx card out there. Consoles have to try and remain reasonably priced (unless it's the PS3 Rolling Eyes ), and don't have upgradable graphics. Still, I think the price plays a huge part, and since all my favorite games are on the console, it still remains my favorite.
I used to be a hard core PC only person. But lately I've gotten into consoles and hand helds. I think they all have their place. I have a PC, recently upgraded... I prefer to play FPS games on my PC, so far nothing beats the mouse and keyboard (I'm intruiged by the nintendo Wii though). I also like to play RTS games which are good on the PC.

I have a PS2, there are certain games that are just better on a console. I like the console versions of the Prince of Persia games better than the PC versions.

I also have a pair of Nintendo DS's, one for me, one for my wife. We love to play multiplayer on the DS's, and I can bring it to work to play when I'm bored.

If I had money to burn I would have at least one of everything... I think there is room for them all.
I prefer PC gaming because you usually can mod the games and make maps.
I must say, I'm intrigued by the amount of people who prefer computer gaming. I mean, it's not terribly surprising considering the demographic (people who have joined a forum for free webhosting), but still it's an interesting phenomena.

I prefer computer gaming most certainly. I got my NES at age six, but my parents bought me no additional games. Then I got a handed down 286 when I was seven, and have stuck with computers since then. Love the keyboard+mouse combo.
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