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Half Day Saterday...

Ok well my school is thinking about next year starting a thing where we would have to go to school on saterdays for a half day. Well i hate this idea. First off it would mean that i couldn't hunt that much anymore. Here you can only hunt Mon. - Sat. and I already have school monday through friday. So this would suck.

The reason I think is that they have us on like word smart and other stupid programs and they say that it takes up too much class time to do this. Well my point is why not just get rid of this stuff that you want us to do. Me, i'm in all the smarter classes and know that i could easily do this stuff most likely.
What's a saterday? Confused
The day before sunday and after friday....
Blaster wrote:
The day before sunday and after friday....

I think he's mocking your spelling of "saturday". Either that or he didn't realise. Razz

Do you live in the UK by the way?
Because I haven't heard anything about half day saturdays over here...
Wow, I'm glad I got out of high school when I did. I can't imagine having to go to class on Saturdays. That would completely ruin the idea of a weekend. I hope for you that they don't actually change to that. That'd be rough. No college football on fall saturday mornings and no a totally different atmosphere at the friday night high school games.
give me a break i'm tired.

But yea it would change a lot. Fridays would be no fun. Saterday is my day to sleep in.
I have Wednesday off and half days Thursday and Friday. (I'm at college Razz)
meet in rio
I went to boarding school and had half-day Saturdays.

And yes, it sucked. I'd rather have had an extra hour or two spread across the week.

(I only got one day of lie-in. Sad)
I used to have short day wednesdays, but in high school, they can't afford to shorten the time of our classes, so we get late day fridays.
That really sucks for you. Even though it's just a half day, nothing too big, almost everyone knows or thinks thay you go to school, Monday to Friday, and rest on Saturdays and Sundays.

It would probably be hard for you to adjust, if in fact you do have to go to school on Saturdays.
we have school from like 7:15 in the morning to 2:15 in the afternoon. Every week day. Every now and then we will have a day off or a half day for inservice where the teachers go to meetings and all.
Oh, boohoo, 2:15, poor boy.

I often had class till 5 in high school and we only started an hour later (8:30).

That being said, here in Belgium, there used to be a school-on-Saturday system. They abolished it to give us longer weekends and whatnot (and I'm glad they did).
Yea we go to school 180 days a year and have like no breaks. Our lunch is like a half hour long and it takes longer to get your food sometimes.
That sounds like a really bad idea. I need two full days to recover to stop me from going insane or stressed out. More days is going to be worse off, instead of extending the days on monday-friday. Really bad idea if you ask me, you should stop them from doing it.
oh don't you worry i will. If they do it it will happen for like a week then people will complain. Them days are days most do stuff with there family. It would lead to a lot of stuff being messed up. Everyone would go crazy. Its not like we will get anything out of it.
It's the same idea as totally getting rid of holidays and having school for 2 hours a day or something (I know, just an example)... it's not practical really, it's more stress and workload than actually having it in bulk if you work it out.
i'd rather go for an extra week of school then half day saterdays. Realy thats how bad it would suck. They already make us do stuff over the summer. we have to come in and take these tests on books and stuff.
That's terrible. You already have school from Monday to Friday; and now Saturday too? I feel bad for all who have to go to school on Saturdays. Where do you live? What's the point of it anyway? How is an extra 4 hours useful? They may just add a little more time on the normal school days. That would be better.
I live in PA. And yea it does suck a lot. Thats my time to sleep. By thrusday i'm tired and can barely get up on friday. You know how much i would miss my bus.
Yeah also being tired doesn't help the ability to learn at school, you should point all this out to whoever is suggesting this crap.
Blaster wrote:
I live in PA. And yea it does suck a lot. Thats my time to sleep. By thrusday i'm tired and can barely get up on friday. You know how much i would miss my bus.

Are they going to have School on Saturday becuase of grades or something? There this one school that has only school Monday-Thursday from 8:00 to 4:00 and get Friday off for some study day. But I doupt people study. Theye didnt tell you why you might have to go to on saturdays?
its because of like different computer stuff they are making us do. Its all a bunch of BS if you ask me. Just some way for them to get more money in taxes for them.
S3nd K3ys
I think it's a great idea. Keep you young bastids in school instead of out terrorizing helpless animals and cranking up your post count Wink
yea yea yea. I think old people should have to work 24 7 especially when they own an esate like S3nd K3ys does. Especially since thats all he does is crank up his post count.
S3nd K3ys
Blaster wrote:
crank up his post count.

That's absolutely NOT true. I engage in meaningful, honest, enraging debates with intellegent individuals and ask valid, emotional questions.Someone else needs to post up so I can hide my snydeness better
meet in rio wrote:
I'd rather have had an extra hour or two spread across the week.

That's what I would suggest - you'd be better doing half an hour extra a day, than two & a half hours on Saturday. You're already there (so no need for extra travel spending by you and the teachers), and although you'd be in school longer each day, you'd probably get more out of it.

Coming in on a Saturday would ruin your weekend, and I know I wouldn't feel very 'productive' if I was being forced into school every weekend.
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