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How Many Email Accounts Are Enough?

How many email accounts are enough?
 14%  [ 9 ]
 26%  [ 16 ]
three or four
 36%  [ 22 ]
as many as you can get
 22%  [ 14 ]
Total Votes : 61

So you have just logged onto the web for the first time and immediately your browser brings you to its homepage. What catches your attention is the "Free Email" sign. Since you think you'd like to use the web to communicate with people, you go ahead and register for an account. Since it is your first time, you have no idea what a "username" is. So you put the first thing that occurs in your mind: "mygirlishot" or something. Then to your horror, you find out that it will form part of your email address " ".

You decide to go on using it (since you spent around 30 minutes registering for it) and send your email to someone you know informing him/her of your new email address. Then you move on exploring the web. You find this nice website offering you free pictures of nature's naked beauty but they require your email address before you can see the pictures. Great! It just so happens that you have a spankingly new one. So you again proceed to register and look at the pictures.

Once you've satisfied yourself with the idea that it is a great thing to be on the web, you realize that your stay has to end. But before you do log off, you go back to your email account to check if somebody has responded. Sure thing. Someone from somewhere has begun sending you offers for subscriptions to newsletters, new sites about nature's naked beauty and advertisements for cheap VIAGRA. You don't realize it but your new email address has become a target for spammers. In your ignorance, however, you think that it is the way of the web. The next time you log onto the web to read your emails, you find that your inbox is swamped by offers and other stuff that you don't really need. Then you wonder: "How do I put a stop to this?"

How do you? Delete the account? I've heard of people deleting their account and getting a new one only to find out that each time they make their address known on the web the same process continues: there is a new site, it asks for your email, you give it, and just a few hours later, your inbox is filled with garbage. To friends who tell me about their stories I give them the same advice: keep two or three email accounts. That is what free emails are for.

The very first email account I got from the web is a 1999 Yahoo account. I still have it and is serving me well. It was Yahoo that taught me to get another email account as my alternate email address. The second one was from another free website. I used these two accounts in applying for free webhosting services. Later, I learned that an email address such as " " was not good for formal and official transactions. This occurred to me when someone who was inviting me to speak to members of their organization asked for my email. I couldn't give him the ones I was using because at the last moment I thought that the account names were "inappropriate". I had to lie that time, telling the man that I didn't have an email address. After that I applied for another email address with a username that looked official. Presently, I am using four email addresses, one of which I keep for official transactions, another for my friends, and two others as "throwaways".

But why keep another address for friends, you ask? Can't they be trusted? I trust my friends, but given the nature of the web, I don't trust them that much. You see, there are services on the web that require the registrant to supply addresses of their friends or families. You know what sites these are: friends and family sites that offer great services but also give you unwanted newsletters and offers. It is mainly for this reason that I keep my business email address away from people I know.

So how about you? How many email addresses do you have?
I have 6 but I only use 2. I also have 2 forwarders.

Not that I dont trust people i just rather be able to stop spamming by eliminating them before they get to my actual account.

But gmail has served me well only a few lucky spammers actually get into my inbox but as for in my spambox i clean it out every month and has about 300 spams so i think you can say gmails spam block is pretty solid.
I have 2 emails at the moment, a gmail account and one from my friends .com site.
My good emails are forwarded from the gmail account, so I get no spam on the .com Smile
I have quite a few address'.

band address

you can never have to many
Out of curiosity: Is there a single person reading this forum that has only one email account?
I believe it is impossible to live without at least 2 or 3 - one private, one for registering on suspicious websites, and one (optionally) for work.
I would bet that when people obtain certain level of "computer literacy", they tend to have more e-mail accounts.

On the other side, I think that 5 emails is enough Smile

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Best regards
S3nd K3ys
I have over a dozen. Too many? No, not really. I use most of them for different things.

my own domain(as many as I need, currently only 1)
my ISP(1)

Then, if I need one that won't be responded to, I offer up If I need a "disposable" address that can recieve mail for up to 10,000 forwards or 6 months, I use trashmail.

My oldest accounts are 1 hotmail and 1 yahoo account, and they both serve me well. My fav's are gmail, because of the spam filters. It's very rare that one gets sent to the wrong place.
i think a gmail account is enough
I had over 16 email accounts back in 2001. It was because I was providing free email accounts via Anyway they're all dead now.

Currently, I my email accounts are:
Yahoo (1) -- friends, family, everyone else
Gmail (1) --spam, websites, etc
Frih (2) -- forums, etc
University (1) --school stuff

Very Happy

That's about it. Smile
meet in rio

Gmail (anything serious or involving money)
Hotmail (msn purposes and friends)
Uni (family and school stuff)
A zillion other hotmail and frihost accounts for dodgy mailing lists etc.
I've got two, both with I use one for registrations, for posting in public forums or on websites, etc. for the purpose of catching the inevitable spam. I use the other one for friends and family, people who are likely to actually send me a message. That's enough for me!
I have 18 on last count...i just get given them...they are never used....

Yahoo (3)

Hotmail (2)

GMail (2)

School (1)

Work on sites (4)

ISP provided email (2)

Mobile Phone (2)

Free email (2)

I love eprompter. Smile
In these times you really need two adresses. One for privat use and one for some sites, where you gotta register and which might send spam.
I had about 20 or os a time ago. But now I have only two. Better clarity, too.
I have like ten. But really like 3. Figure one as a junk one for like registering for websites and stuff one as a main and one as a work/school one.
Gmail (3)
Hotmail (2)
Uni (1)
ISP (2)
School (1)
Frih (2)

Total: 11

Wow I never realised I had that many! But I only ever use one of the Gmails. School, Uni and ISP all forward to that. The hotmail is for MSN.
Until very recently I only had one email account. I used to have two (one for personal use, and another to direct all the junk mail to whenever I buy something online, or am forced to sign up for something), but then I decided that I could just direct all of my junk mail to my normal account as well, since no one else emails much anyway. Now I have the same personal email account, plus one that I was forced into getting for school. However, I only use that one to email my teachers. I could easily live with only one email account.
I have 2 emails which I use equally. I have a Gmail acount and a Hotmail. I updated my hotmail to windows live mail meaning I now have 4 gigabytes of mail space. I don't think getting more than one email is necessary for good spam protection. I have to say that these are both great choices for spam protection. I have spent some time surveying other email accounts I have made such as my Outlook Express/Rogers one to see what spammers often have in there subjects and content. I then set up a bunch of rules for my 2 emails and have only gotten one piece of junk mail in both my accounts combined. I also prevent sites where a newsletter is mandatory from sending me the newsletter by setting up simple rules, for example if I signed up for a flash tutorial site I would create a filter that deletes all mail containing the word flash in the subject and then disable this filter when needed. Spammers are tricky but I don't think in the long run multiple emails is the answer.
Well, I have:

  • My ISP's email account (
  • A Yahoo account (
  • My school email which I don't use anymore (
  • Various website email addresses:

    • DanSoft Australia (
    • (
    • (

I also have a few more which I don't use anymore... My 'main' accounts are my ISP's one, and the DanSoft Australia one. I use the Yahoo one whenever I think I'll get spam...
I have quite to few to remeber, I got around to having two deleted a few months ago. Lets see what I have here.

5 America Online/ AIM Email Accounts. (,
1 Collage Email (
2 Gmail Accounts (
3 Yahoo Mail accounts "Each for every Login I ever made in the past 5 years.(
1 Website Email (Frihost)
2 ISP Emails (

I must have the record here, 14 email accounts? Which I never check because half of them (non school aol accounts) are spammed to hell WHICH I DONT SIGN UP FOR ANYTHING. I mean, For the cox one, I made my password and a week later looked into setting my email up(this is when I didnt have any other email) there was aready 5 pages of spam in there. So I said beep it and went and made a hotmail account which got deleted for some odd reason in the past year.
I normally keep at least 3,
1 for websites (spambox), 1 for friends to reach me at, and my main isp mailbox that doesn't get given out....ever.

I guess how many you need is limited to how many personalities you would like to portray online.
I have 7 account:

Frihost (2) - for forums
Gmail (2) - one of them for personal use
Yahoo (1) - for personal use
Hotmail (1) - for my windows live messenger
Free email (1) - for subscribing website, forum, etc
I have quite a lot too. More than 5 but definitely less than 10. Very Happy
I have more than 5 accounts. But I only check two accounts regularly, one gmail and one from yahoomail. I use it for different purposes that's why I have many accounts. I don't get to visit all of it always but I see to it that I log in once in a while to avoid suspension of the email address. I had several accounts deleted before that's why I'm careful now. That's all I can remember for now. I have 2 accounts in YahooMail that I can't open. I forgot my password and the necessary information doesn't match the data in Yahoo. I'm trying to retrieve it (guess my password) since it might contain something important.

currently I have:
Gmail (5)
YahooMail (4)
Hotmail (1)
I have a couple

Gmail (4) one personal, one business, one spam for sign ups etc, one outdated
My website (1) for business
School (1) for school stuff

I find this way works pretty well, I seldomly get spam in my personal or business email's inboxes and it helps me keep everything organized. I love and use Gmail's free forwarding feature, this way I only have to check a few emailes instead of everyone.
Personally, I only need one e-mail account, and then I create folders to keep things sorted and organized.

It really depends on what you use e-mail for. If it is vital communication to you, and you used it for multiple things, multiple addresses might be more suitable. I think we could all survive with one though.
I have

Orange (or as it used to be Wanadoo)

And a few others that I've picked up, but forgotton.

I just use GMAIL now, because of its huge inbox and my collage haven't banned it yet Very Happy
I used to have a lot but I've limited them to just three: one as a give away, another for official transactions and another for registering for services. I think that three is OK. Very Happy
Thinking about it now I have a few email addresses myself. It is strange when you think about it and add up all the email addresses you have they just grow

I guess it is good to categorise your emails for different uses. e.g. For business, work, pleasure, consipicous, friends etc etc.

Hotmail (1)
Gmail (3)
domain (1)
ISP (1)
yahoo (1)
Excite (1)

Don't think I need anymore as that is 8 emails already.

I'm not really sure, cause I have 8 + 1 (for my website).

U know u have no life when.....
Oh my gosh I feel like I totally fit in now. Here I thought I was an ultra freak, though it appears everyone has more than a few. Although with 5 or 6 gmail accounts things sort of become grey after awhile. Very Happy
I voted for 2. I personally have more than 2, but in general, i use one for personal emails, and another one for signing up to sites that are likely to spam me. I hardly ever check this one. I guess three could be better for people who need a business email as well.

A while ago, i signed up to another email with them for feedback on my site.

2 days later, (no one knew the new e-mail at this point) I had over thirty pieces of spam, most of them from other users.

Get Gmail Very Happy
Way too many. I have lost count but I have somewhere between 75 and 125 email accounts. I have at least 3 email accounts per website (my current website has 26 email accounts, some are forwarders, plus my website's subdivisions also have their own set of accounts). I use some POP3 accounts as well as Gmail, Walla, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, and others. All of my email accounts serve one (sometimes more) unique purpose.

My number of accounts may be shocking, but I use almost all of them. (Though some of my Hotmail and Yahoo accounts were terminated, though none of my Gmail).

EDIT: Wow, I expected other people to at least come close to the number of accounts I have.
I dont know how much e-mails i got Wink
Gmail (2)
Hotmail (1)
ISP (1)
Website (5)

And much more Laughing
I have email accounts from the following:

Gmail (give away -- it can handle a lot of garbage)
Hotmail (if only because msn is the homepage of IE; i use it for my friends)
Eudora (don't use it now)
My Frih Site (for official use)
I use 1 main Gmail one (due to the ammount of storage) but several of my email accounts re-direct to it. I have one other for things that are potentially spam and give my email address away so I don't spam out my main account too much.

Because of my website and my email address being in a lot of places around the internet I get roughly 30 spam emails per day on my main account... a few years ago it would be a big problem but I don't actually mind because Gmail has such good spam filtering. It simply means I click "select all" and "delete" every day because they are seperated and it rarely makes mistakes and puts legit emails in the spam folder... excellent.
sodredge wrote:
.... Although with 5 or 6 gmail accounts things sort of become grey after awhile. Very Happy

*sigh*....I heard that!

*spam post...feel free to delete* Razz
I voted for as many as you can get

personally I use 1 email address for ebay, one for neopets, one for frihost and 1 for general chat and friends

I also have 1 for my website, plus 3 others as side accounts incase my main weebie one crashes, one for ordering on online bookstores and I guess you could say I'm obsessing now but I'm just like Adrin Monk - OCD

sooo....if any of you want to know why I'm like this, feel free to mail me and ask me Smile
The googlemail is very good, i think too Laughing
Utopia GFR
I have 4 POP's but I should normally have 5 (I can't retrieve my password for the last one).

Anyway, I voted for 3 or 4 accounts (I dont see the point in having endless emails) since I believe that email organization is important especially if you need to deal with different activities in your life.

In my case, I have a POP account for the purposes of my radio show, one for my videogaming website, one for private cases and one for my FRIH website about literature.

There was a time when I only used one single POP account but I guess it didn't sound too relevant to send a professional email with a videogaming email account Very Happy
I have gmail, yahoo, hotmail, netscape, server emails, along with a list of ones that I cant remember because I have let them go. Its kinda like when I was in college I had twelve cc's.
I feel that, it's fair to say 3 - 4 emails is sufficient.

1. Personal email
2. Work/school email
3. Websites that require an email to create an account and you know you won't be going on it ever again, email
4. A second personal email
Hmmmmmm lets see.... Quite a few actually. Not even gonna bother listing what they're from , but I have about 11 that I use on a regular basis, though if I'm registering for something that I think is likely to get me spammed or something that I probably won't ever use again, I just use mailinator disposable mail (though some sites block it).
I have 5 email addresses that I use plus 3 I ended with up that I seldom check. Out of the 5, 2 are for business, 1 is a spam box, 1 is for really good friends and the other is general.
I think one email address is enough seeing as all you need is one to have access to the web world, there is no need to pack them up, unless of course you want to present different faces to different people at the same time.
I would disagree.
Many sites/services require an email and you can be pretty sure that spam will follow.
It is a good idea to have at least one email address that you do not routinely use on such sites and which can be kept relatively free from spam.
I think that two email accounts are enough.

One serious email (job, studies, etc.)
One non-serious email (differents subscriptions, friends, etc.)
1 professional
1 private

and one Gmail/Hotmail etc (frihost yes!) to catch the spam mails
I primarily use 2. But I have a third that I sometimes use when I want to get hold of something that requires my email address (which could then be spammed).
You can never have enough email accounts. Especially when you consider that there are so many spammers out there. I use them when my email overloads with spam. And you can use them to sign up for so many things.
Only one account is enough

I have a general email account in which i subscribe to most of all general and test are done with. so that account is full of junk mails and spy ware emails. for serious accounts every one need a separate account. Do not reveal that email any where in internet except in the service you are working with.
for money transaction like ebay or paypal , it is better to keep a separate account and off-course to keep them away from internet except that site.

And we usually get some email account along with signing up some web services, but we usually not using them..
Gmail (3)
Hotmail (2)

Total: 5

I think a person must have at least one account in every free email provider service.
gmail: 0
hotmail: 3
domainname email: 2
College: 1

Total of six email addresses. Smile I only read two though. :p

as many as you like, because there are no restrictions to making free email accounts
Well, for me one was enough. I was using yahoo mail for a very long time until I noticed that some sites I try to register with said that they do not support yahoomail that is should try using another mail like gmail. That is when I had to open another email address. So I now use two email- yahoo and gmail.
Presently I have Three email accounts. The first one of is yahoo mail, the second is gmail and the third one is my company's email account. That all and I think it's enough. But on second thoughts, I think it is too much. I really don't use them very often.
I have one personal, one for work, and one for school. They all redirect to the same inbox, it's just that I don't like giving out the same e-mail address every time.
Personally i have 5 email accounts.
1 for college to send/receive things from my tutors etc.
1 within my work for obvious work communications
I have a googlemail account which i use to sign up to sites that I visit regularly and that I want to receive updates from - generally these are non spam sites.
I also have 2 hotmail accounts. One being for friends etc to contact me on. The other just acts as a spam folder for the sites I don't trust (If they earn the said trust there is generally a change email option to which I'd transfer to my google account.
Definitely 3 or 4 max, unless your memory serves you well.
I think two account is enough one for personal use another one for official use. somebody also use one more account for suspicious webpage. at present I have 5 accounts:
two in gmail one for my personal activities another one for my professional activities.
One my office mail id which one I use for official work.
I have two more account, one in yahoo another one in sify. these two are my oldest account but at present I rarely used them.
I have 6, but use only 4.
2 gmail, 1 msn, 1 yahoo, while the others i don't use are italian email services.
I have five that I actually use to send mail from - my main Yahoo one, my university account, and three for my website. However, I have approximately 400 different addresses for incoming mail, that is then filtered into one of the above 5 accounts (I have some filters set up for my website, but the bulk of the messages are through Yahoo's 'AddressGuard' feature - where it gives you a particular unique keyword for every website that you give your email address to (it's great for seeing which websites actually end up giving your address to spammers!)

The way it works:

(fixed 'AddressGuard' username)-(unique name or keyword given to website)

Eg. (this, of course, isn't my actual username or FriHost email address, but is still a good example)... You can manage each single keyword individually, and can control if filters and/or spam settings are enabled, which folder it should be sent to, if mail can also be sent from that address, and if so, what your display name is etc etc etc...

Then, if you start getting spam, just delete that keyword from your list, and those messages never appear again! Very Happy
I have a family email address that I use for contacting babysitters, a formal email address that I use when I'm applying for jobs (it has a name that sounds professional), I have a standard email address that I use to email friends and family and that I check constantly, and I have an old "standard" email address that used to be the standard but which I now barely use because my old standard was replaced with a more modern email service with a larger storage space. I have a few other stray email addresses here and there: i Have some personal business emails (I have a very modest painting buisness) and other things.
I have a number of emails, some (mostly Yahoo emails) are my junk emails so if I am unsure of the site I am signing up for or would rather they don't have my email they get a junk email. Then I have my primary email which his for family and people I know as well as trusted sites like PayPal and eBay. I have had my email for some time with no junk mail.

I actually also have a semi primary (used to be my primary) that I use for Cragslist and other communication or things I want to sign up for but not have going to my private email.

It is more hassle the more emails you have to check but I only check my primary daily and the secondary weekly. The junk emails don't ever need to be logged into.
For me if less about "how many accounts" and more about "how many adresses" - I only have one main account (plus gmail as a backup) but I've got unlimited number of adresses. Thanks to few of my domains - if for every account you use different adress (e.g. for Amazon you would use, it's really easy to stop spam from
Plus my (paid) account have really great filtering and antispam settings.
I can imagine to going back to just one adress - buying a domain is the best antispam thing you can do.
Or use pseudodomain like, or subdomains from (
I have only one Email Account and I am very Happy............ Laughing
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