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Acer eRecovery

Today I just purchased a new Acer Aspire 1640z notebook. This is a nice change from the old Travelmate 520 that I did have and am still getting used to all of the features.

One of the features Im having the hardest trouble is the Acer eRecovery. Earlier today I was fretting because I never got a CD that came with it (unlike my old one) and after reading up it sounds as if Acer eRecovery has a hidden partition that contains all of my Drivers and software for the computer.

Is anyone able to comfirm this and if so, could you please explain it to me and how it would work if I was to Format the laptop.

Thanks in Advance,
Yes. There is a hidden partition on the hdd. I don't have a Acer with erecovery but I believe it is all the same for quite a number of brands now. My Compaq didn't have installation discs too. I think you should see a D drive which you can't access? I do believe you can't format that partition with the default window formatting. You would need to use a 3rd party partitioner. Besides, I don't think you really wanna format it as you would lose your copy of windows installation.

I suspect you are supposed to make recovery disc or there is a special button on your keyboard which you are supposed to press when you can't boot up and it will recover your system in such a situation.

Here is a link to a short FAQ.
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