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How to hide tray icon

anyone know how to hide a specific tray icon through windows registry etc. and not just using windows 'always hide' option as the icon is still visible when you expand the list.

I've tried using a few programs like PS Tray Factory which works great. only problem is, there is a file named "hkdll.dll" which has been identified as spyware in this program which loads itself into any software trying to access the internet. From what i read, this file has key logger function and can communicate with the host when online. Similar *.dll files are also found in most of the hide icon programs eg. hookdll.dll.

PS Tray claims to be spyware free but what is this file doing in the installation directory? Any help on a failsafe way of removing/hiding specific tray icons? Thanks in advance
its an easy task to do just goto taskbar properties and in taskbar clik customsie and in that u can select which icons to show which u dont want
errr.. if you read my post properly, i don't want that 'simple' method of hiding the icon as it will still appear when you click on the expand hidden icon button. i'm using XP by the way. i know you can keep the state as 'always hide' but try to click on the expand icons button and tell me if you see it appearing. I want it permanently non visible.
Do you want to hide per icon only? If not, then the below method is for you:

1. Download TweakUI from the Microsoft Downloads Center.
2. Install TweakUI then run it.
3. Once the TweakUI window appears, click Taskbar and Start Menu on the left pane.
4. Uncheck Show Taskbar Notification Icons.
5. When done, click the OK button.
6. You might need to restart Windows Explorer to see the changes.

After you have applied the changes, you can choose to uninstall TweakUI or keep it, for the changes are registry based.
yup only need to hide specific icon(s) not the whole system tray icon
Haiderim wrote:
its an easy task to do just goto taskbar properties and in taskbar clik customsie and in that u can select which icons to show which u dont want

Thanks for that hint. I alrady knew t, but had forgotten it somehow. Hehe. No more messages from the useless XP-SP2 firewall...
This is a way to hide all system tray icons for current user by modifying the registry:

Open a new Notepad file anc key in the following:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Policies\Explorer]

Save the file eg. Hide.reg and merge it to the registry. To undo, just change the value to '0' (zero).

Still can't figure out how to remove "specific" tray icons by editing the registry. I came across this site that i think will work, but unfortunately don't understand the programming jargon. Confused
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