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Anime Conventions

have ou been to an anime of pop culture convention?
 87%  [ 7 ]
 12%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 8

I was wondering how many people have gone to anime conventions and what ones they went to. The two ones the happen near me are Supanova and Animania I am in brisbane australia Supanova was awesome it's not just anime but a pop culture fest have had some fairly big guests such as sean astin also alot of anime english version dub actors. animania was quite dissapointing.
The convention I go to most is Connecticon. Why? Because it's the most webcomic friendly convention there is. Not to mention it resides in the same state as my residence. You'll never guess which one!
I have been to RECCAcon (in Pittsburg, CA) and SacCon (in Sacramento, CA). I loved going to RECCAcon, but it's been discontinues now that the RECCA club at the college found problems with the staff of the college where RECCAcon takes place. I still go to SacCon though, so it's cool, but a farther drive.
I went to fanime in downtown San Jose in California last year and I'm planning on cosplaying Misa Amane from Death Note there again this year! I really hope i have the time to do one, cosplaying is really fun! Going to conventions are fun too, because you get to see everyone dress up and stuff, really awsome!
Although I've only been to one convention so far, I've been going consecutively for the past three years. XD The first year I went, everything was amazing--especially since the convention was settling down in its new location. I think I spent the most amount of money on books and DVDs alone that year.

The next year wasn't that bad, but I still liked the first year. This year, I wound up spending an unhealthy amount of my savings on plushies, and a few books in the process. The convention was still pretty neat, but I was sad when I didn't see Ramen and Rice (a violin and cello sister duet) performing in a corner or anything all weekend.

I found that I was spending less money each year, but I don't believe that'll be stopping me from going for a fourth year. :3
Ah, iv been to one with my brother. Theyre great fun! This one was down in coventry, here are some pics to show you. Although, i Dont think id be keen to do it more than once XD. Atleast not the dressing up, stupid itchy costume Razz

This is me as Hatake Kakashi from Naruto Smile

Link and Zelda from The Legend Of Zelda series Very Happy

Some of the main characters from Naruto Razz

Thats my bro (on the far right) mimicing Hell Sing Smile
i've gone to Anime Expo. Had a great time. Got to meet voice actors like Vic Mignogna. It was filled with cosplayers and I plan to cosplay next year. The panels they had were fun. The Naruto dub voice actors made jokes about how much some people hate their voice.
Always wanted to go to one, but I always feel like I'd feel awkward if I went. I'm not that deep into Anime, so I don't think I'd fit in too well. It's definitely on my to-do list, though.
I go to Anime North and staff there a couple of times. Its not as bad as you think.

I think the only problem you'll have is a lighter wallet and/or the lack of food. Once you know you have money and been to the dealer's room, may the greater beyond have mercy on your soul, lol.

I think the worst I've seen is people cross-playing, like a hairy 6 foot tall male cosplaying as Sailor Moon. Its that, and sometimes the (in)frequent adam/amber alerts which can lock down a building which can slow down the tempo of the day.

Just a thought, most kids go to cons, and bring their parents, so you're not alone. Imagine the parents who may not have a clue as to what anime is and their thoughts when they are at the convention.
I've been to Anime Central twice so far, and I'm going again in May. I love to go and see all the costumes and to dress up myself (and indulge in a little shopping and parapara dancing). I'm hoping to enter the Masquerade at acen this year, but as it gets closer and closer to the new year I'm beginning to think that I won't have a masquerade-worthy costume done in time to enter for this year.

I don't think crossplay is a bad thing, even if it does involve a big hairy man playing Sailor Moon... but that's if it's done for comedic effect and not in seriousness (I feel the same way about ghetto cosplay). I myself am a crossplayer, but I'm a girl that plays girly-boys, in particular Miki Kaoru from Utena. That's fun because my twin sister plays Kozue, who is Miki's twin sister in the show. Very Happy This year I'll actually be cosplaying a female character for like the first time ever.
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