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Has anyone seen the new click movies. I just watched that and it's so funny. Adam Sandler is the greatest.
The remote is basically a DVD remote, with a menu that pops up as a hologram around the protagonist, another nice visual effect. The menu is for the DVD that's his life, for the life story that he's in the process of creating. That, in itself, is an interesting metaphor, because it speaks to a belief in self-improvement, a faith that life can be made into something magnificent -- and a concomitant narcissism that can infect such naive confidence. It's much more of an American than a European thing to see one's life as a movie.
There is already a click thread, and I hate to be a backseat mod, but please, look for the thread first before you create a new one.
ben leslie
this movie is funny for the first half. but it just gets boring when he starts to skip through time.
Dougnut King
Pretty funny for a while, and goes on and off. Get's sad at like 7/8ths thru movie. Gets funny again. Bottom Line: AAAAAWSOME!!! Mr. Green

PS mr green is my trade mark lol jk
I just recently watched this movie and I felt it was fantastic. It took the classic "Scrooge" or "It's a Wonderful Life" theme and turns it into something new that's actually hard hitting.

Much like the above post said, there is a point where it really gets very dramatic, with a little bit of comedic breaks, but I think that's where the movie gets to its very best.

Great film, whole cast was excellent. Highly recommended.
Good, but Sandler isn't as funny anymore. There are however some very hilarious parts throughout the movie. Oh and Sandlers attempt as heart-touching sensitivity wasn't very convincing, he should stick to the comedy.It's got a pretty cliche ending and a bunch of immature jokes (like Adam Sandler could do a movie without them) Overall, it was alright, I didn't expect a lot, and I didn't really get a lot.
Emmons wrote:
Has anyone seen the new click movies. I just watched that and it's so funny. Adam Sandler is the greatest.

That is a cool movie
Ya it was pretty funny allthough it had alot of moral i guess..
I saw it ages ago, and from what I can remember, it was pretty decent. The story was great, and like others said, it had a good moral. the first half hour was hilarious. It kinda got dead after that, but was still pretty funny at parts. I loved when he paused it, and smacked Hasselhoff across the the face repeatedly.

And his wife was hot. Surprised
yup i also saw it ages ago.

before it was released, just joking

watched it a week after its release.
quite funny movie, yeah sandler does his job well.
The duck had the worst role in the movie.. i pity that! Laughing
I really like that movie, hilarious. I like all the Adan Sandler movies
The Movie Click is totally awesome.. I love the way adam sandler act on his punchlines.. And the Dog remember that Lusty dog? hehe! But what touched me is when he realized all he did on past forwarding his life and saw reality thats the total tear dropper.
I thought the movie was ok but why must Adam Sandler always use the loud cranky guy voice. I know all funny guys have little trademarks but I think it's not needed in every movie he does.
I love Adam Sandler.

I cried my eyes out at this movie, I have to admit. It was pretty much Linger - The Cranberries playing when he had the heart attack at the wedding that did it for me.

It was a really sweet movie. I love the message of 'don't take life and time for granted'.


Yeah the best! I have watched it. It is so funny at the same time very educational. It reminds us all that making or getting money is not the first priority. Its our family!
ALl i know is i work at bead bath and beyond, and I got really tired of people coming in and asking for the way beyond section or where they could buy the remote, as if they were all really creative and just came up with it for the first time as if nobody else had. Loosers. Oh well, it was kind of fun to send the kids on a scavenger hunt looking for it, ok well not really, cus i would have gotten int rouble, but it would have been fun...
Captain Fertile
This sounds like a really good premise for a movie and it sounds like it has a good message to pass on to the viewer. I am definitely going to check this one out.

It seems like there are quite a few good movie choices out there that I would either never look at just because f the title or who is in it but thanks to the guys at FriHost I now have a ton of ideas for movies I plan to see.
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