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MY HARRY POTTER SITE :) comments.. and.. help :S!!!!

hello Very Happy.. well i'm working on my harry potter website... I'm just finishing the last details.. but it is here Very Happy

Please tell me what you think.. and I also have a question for the firefox users... how does the template look Smile? because in my computer it looks all weird in firefox =(.. i would really appreciate if someone knows how to fix that =)
I like the flash banner.
Nice flash banner. I wish i knew more about flash and stuff.... I'm not very good with it.
yay, I'm glad you liked the banner Smile and also, thanx for visiting my site Wink
It is the first time that I make a mambo template, and :S! It was hard Smile for me who I knew nothing about CSS and such, I used to do my all websites in dreamweaver and all that, so no codes and such..

warallthetm wrote:
Nice flash banner. I wish i knew more about flash and stuff.... I'm not very good with it.

Well.. flash is very easy to use Smile I you take the beginner's tutorial, should take you a day or two to understand the basics, and that's enough for making a simple banner Smile
I know the basics, i created some an app that capture a userers webcam ever 5 seconds and ports the bmp to php, where it used GD to create a jpg. It was neat but it used alot of bandwith. I just takes me a Looooong time to figure the stuff out.
Slow down the newsflash
as you are putting google advt.
put the advt at proper position.
it will help in good presentation as well as nice leads.

I have to say very nice done, I like it, and I like Harry Potter. The banner is awesome, did you make it yourself? Nicely done with the integrating the banner into the website theme.

PS: For the guy who said to slow down the news: When you put your mouse cursor over the news text it will stop it from scrolling up and you have all the time in the world to read it Wink
my brother used to be a huge harry potter fanatic, so i know quite a bit about it myself and i say that you did a excellent job for a beginning webmaster. if you are looking for future improvements try looking at the following sites to get ideas. other than that, the site's great. keep up the news and new features and you should be set.

Sirius Black's

P.S. Did you make the layout? It looks great as well.

God bless,
warallthetm: wow.. that sounds like very complicated to do Razz so, you don't recommend me to use flash for jpg creation :S? I was thinking of creating an avatar maker in flash :S bad idea?

Chris24: I've made it slower now Smile

CafeMaster: uhmm.. the ads are in a bad position Sad?

endure: thanx Wink! and good to know there's some harry potter fans here Very Happy.. yeah, I made the banner myself, I'm glad you like it Very Happy

pampoon: thanx Wink and yeah, i've seen those websites, they are REALLY good.. MuggleNet's my favorite I think.. and yes.. I made the layout Smile
cool you should make it stretchy and it would be very differcult to few on a smaller screen. it looks like to would lend it's self to that very easily judging by the design.
Very nice site. I have a harry potter site too but i dont update it anymore. . Feel free to rip of any content. Its all yours.

By the way your banner is really good since its in flash. And ... Hermione looks really sexy there.
I realy like your site, it looks very good.
Tho your homepage is to width for my screen(1024x768)
when I go to the wallpaper section the screen looks fine....
Nice design and good work!
nice site, and the flash banner was very good =)

The functions was OK


Best regards
Rebzie: I FINALLY MADE IT STRETCHY Razz! you know, it was the original idea, and it worked very well until I put the flash video there... it destroyed my template in firefox and I didn't know how to fix that.. but I finally did... so now it should look good for you (cuz it does for me :S)

Kurosaki-Ichigo: I appreciate very much the offer.. but the site doesn't seem to work... :S.. it takes me to sanam homepage or something...
And about hermione.. yeah.. many people's told me that Razz

Hunterseaker : Well it should look good now.. as I fixed the width :p now the only section that looks bad sometimes is the I haven't managed to make them open in another window, so when you view them fullsize the site looks ugly... but I'll work on that Smile

Matte52: I'm glad you like the site Smile thanx..! and what do you mean by "the functions" :S?
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