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Converting .wma to .mp3

Tony The Tiger
Last week, MTV had free download week. I downloaded a song, but it downloaded as a .wma file. However, I recently switched to Media Player 11. I am unable to figure out if I can convert the file to .mp3 because this program does not have GUI dropdown interfaces.
Tony The Tiger
Further Detail: Within properties for the file that I want to convert, in the Media Usage Rights tab it says the following:

This file cannot be played until 10/15/2006
Collaberative Play for this file is not allowed
This file cannot be burned
This file can be synchronized 2 or more times until 10/15/2006
(Requires a device that can play subscription files)
The media usage rights for this file cannot be backed up
A tool called IMTOO Audio Encoder, Should be all you need it can convert pretty much every music file type to anything from .wma, to .mp3 or even .ogg. you can get it there, under the trial it can only do a maximum of 5 songs per session. Add to msn for me to fix that for you. Wink i hope i helped.
You can use free converter: "SUPER". It can be downloaded from the home site.
There's an OK way to do it with Audacity. . .

Just follow the steps HERE
Except instead of playing your MIDI, play the .wma.

I wrote the article, btw.
{name here}
Here, download audacity, then play the .wma file in the background as you record it in audacity. Export it to OGG or download LAME to export it to the dated MP3 format.
Like, the previous posters have mentioned, Audacity is a good program you can use to convert. Furthermore, it is open source and well-developed, which in my opinion are pluses. Wink Also, it is cross platform, usable in linux, macintosh and windows.

Here's the software link:
Nah...SUPER is the converter for you!
It's slightly ofttopic. Is it possible to use Audacity in order to capture skype conversation ?
Yes, it is.

You can record anything that comes through your sound card in Audacity, or at least that's what I've been told and what experience has shown me. I haven't actually done it all that much.

I remember my sister playing Britney Spears and then playing the Howard Dean scream and recording that. That was sure fun Wink.
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