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Some Call of Duty 2 tips

Crouch whenever possible. You have a smaller zone of attack by design.
Toss grenades to move you enemy out of his comfort zone… then shoot him.
There are few time constraints… so don’t feel rushed.
Use an accurate rifle… to take out machine gun nests or enemies at a distance.
Go prone behind anything… when you are under total attack.
Keep reloading your weapons… Never engage in any battle without a reload.
The targeting reticule… (accuracy) expands as you move & tightens when you stop
You run faster with a pistol drawn? Same for single and multiplayer modes
Your aim is more accurate… when you Crouch or go Prone
You can change your pistol… for any gun on any map… walk over it and press "X"
Aim Down the Sights (ADS)... all guns have this… by pulling the Left Trigger
Melee Attack… when possible to save ammo... And for spectacular animations
Shoot enemies still crawling... They might just kill you with their Luger
Reload often… See veteran tips below
Check your Objective… by hitting the back button
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