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PDX Host GeForceLan 3 600Man (Releasing of the G80 Cards!)

Hey if you guys are in the area you have to go to this:

600 Man
and uber-sweet!!!

EVENT: GeForce LAN 3
DATE: November 7-8 2006
Location: The Bay Area
VENUE: To be announced

What is it?
GeForce LAN is NVIDIA's way of saying "Thank you" to our fans, by hosting a two day-long BYOC LAN party with tournaments, contests, tons of free stuff, and more! Attendees will not only be able to play games on PCs featuring the latest NVIDIA technology, but also will be eligible to participate in the following activities:

- Raffle with big prizes from industry partners - both days!
- Surprise contests with big prizes - both days!
- Witness the launch of NVIDIA's next generation Gaming PLATFORM (GPU and MCP together!)
- Case mod competition: Best Original Case and Best in Show
- Special gift for all CLUB SLI members, along with early access to venue (what's - CLUB SLI?)
- Free, custom NVIDIA tee shirts
- Free pizza and drinks all day, both days
- Hosted panels and Q&A sessions with NVIDIA and partners

Where is it?
GeForce LAN 3 will be held in the Bay Area, at a location to be announced only to those who have registered for the event. To attend, just block out that Tuesday and Wednesday, get your PC ready, and be ready to be in The Bay Area early so you and your friends can grab the best seats in the BYOC!

NVIDIA will make information available to registered attendees about local hotels, and will arrange shuttle service between the venue and hotels throughout both days.

Why is it?
NVIDIA has always been a strong supporter of the gaming community, and embraces the spirit of competition, and fun! GeForce LAN is our way of giving the gamers an unforgettable experience and allowing them to share the excitement that drives our products.

What were the first GeForce LANs like?
NVIDIA's first GeForce LAN, held April 2004 in San Francisco, was a smash hit, attracting over 300 gamers from around the world. NVIDIA's second GeForce LAN held June 2005 had over 400 gamers from around the world. To see some of the feedback and photos of the event.

How do I get in?
Like previous events, GeForce LAN can only accommodate a limited number of BYOC attendees. You must register and pay for the LAN prior to attending and show up no later than on Tuesday. And, due to legal reasons, you MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO ATTEND.

What does it COST to attend?
$30 for the two day BYOC
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