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GeForceLan 3 (Releasing the G80)

Hey if you guys are in the area you have to go to this:

600 Man
and uber-sweet!!!

Please Use Quote Tags wrote:
EVENT: GeForce LAN 3
DATE: November 7-8 2006
Location: The Bay Area
VENUE: To be announced

What is it?
GeForce LAN is NVIDIA's way of saying "Thank you" to our fans, by hosting a two day-long BYOC LAN party with tournaments, contests, tons of free stuff, and more! Attendees will not only be able to play games on PCs featuring the latest NVIDIA technology, but also will be eligible to participate in the following activities:

- Raffle with big prizes from industry partners - both days!
- Surprise contests with big prizes - both days!
- Witness the launch of NVIDIA's next generation Gaming PLATFORM (GPU and MCP together!)
- Case mod competition: Best Original Case and Best in Show
- Special gift for all CLUB SLI members, along with early access to venue (what's - CLUB SLI?)
- Free, custom NVIDIA tee shirts
- Free pizza and drinks all day, both days
- Hosted panels and Q&A sessions with NVIDIA and partners

Where is it?
GeForce LAN 3 will be held in the Bay Area, at a location to be announced only to those who have registered for the event. To attend, just block out that Tuesday and Wednesday, get your PC ready, and be ready to be in The Bay Area early so you and your friends can grab the best seats in the BYOC!

NVIDIA will make information available to registered attendees about local hotels, and will arrange shuttle service between the venue and hotels throughout both days.

Why is it?
NVIDIA has always been a strong supporter of the gaming community, and embraces the spirit of competition, and fun! GeForce LAN is our way of giving the gamers an unforgettable experience and allowing them to share the excitement that drives our products.

What were the first GeForce LANs like?
NVIDIA's first GeForce LAN, held April 2004 in San Francisco, was a smash hit, attracting over 300 gamers from around the world. NVIDIA's second GeForce LAN held June 2005 had over 400 gamers from around the world. To see some of the feedback and photos of the event.

How do I get in?
Like previous events, GeForce LAN can only accommodate a limited number of BYOC attendees. You must register and pay for the LAN prior to attending and show up no later than on Tuesday. And, due to legal reasons, you MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO ATTEND.

What does it COST to attend?
$30 for the two day BYOC
Aww, I wish I was in California Crying or Very sad
Dude it is worth the trip this Lan is going to rock
I live in Atlanta and I am in college. A cross country road trip is not really an option Crying or Very sad
Dave, we can carpool, ill have my new system by then too Very Happy but yea, we can carpool and split the driving and gas money and we can take my car Very Happy

That looks ****** amazing, i so wanna go
Here is my reasoning: only reason not to go, too far away making the cost high...

Reasons to go:
Free food and Drinks
Nvdia GeForce 8s
600 Man Lan
Hang out in CA
Crazy Contest
50% chance to walk away with some serious sweet hardware
Some of the best file sharing
PCGaming like no other!

It will be at least 2 years before the next one of these happens, if they even do another one. Only $30 to get in. Split a room with a bunch of guys, or stay at a friends to keep the cost down, and car pool to save on gas.

If you do it right you can keep the cost under$70-$100 and easily have a chance to win that much value back in sweet swag.

Last Lan I went to the ShowdownLan (PCGamer and Newegg) we spent about $100 a head, and besides having a great time and seeing some cool stuff like BF2142 and Supime Commander, my friends came back with $300 DD Water Cooling Kits, and my bro got a Physics card, $300. I only got some swag but they made out. And one of your BF2 team got a whole system and some worth of highend hardware.
Do you guys honestly think 600 men on a LANparty is big?
"The Gathering" is an annual even in Norway where over 6000 people attend from all over the world during Easter holidays.

more info you say?
You have a point, but I think 600 is as big as a LAN needs to be. And also as I live in CA, USA Norway is a little bit of a trip. They big lan also in TX, and the East Coast. Main point of this LAN is the new video cards from Nvidia and right now this is the ONLY lan that has the GeForce8s and giving them away Laughing
that's a good point, but the gathering has dozens of competitions featuring a lot of various prizes. Some years ago, the Counter Strike contest ended up in a cash prize of around 2000USD.
Hah, now I really want to go.

My new 32" LCD would make me quite popular there Very Happy

As for the number of people there, once a LAN gets over 30 people, it doesn't really matter how many people are there...

OMG I really want to see the G80 Crying or Very sad

Not to mention, if I was going, I would have to do some [H]ardcore modding to totally win the competitions.
psycosquirrel wrote:
Hah, now I really want to go.

My new 32" LCD would make me quite popular there Very Happy

As for the number of people there, once a LAN gets over 30 people, it doesn't really matter how many people are there...

OMG I really want to see the G80 Crying or Very sad

Not to mention, if I was going, I would have to do some [H]ardcore modding to totally win the competitions.

actually, at our LANparties (just in my town) we need over 64 people, so we can play full teams at Battlefield 2142 and 2. but after 64, you're right, it doesn't really matter, after all, you're just sitting there to play, not to minker with all the other 5999 people in there. However, the more people that attend, the bigger the prizes, the bigger the show, and the bigger the contests. so, 6000 people ain't that bad, believe me.
Yeap your right, after your got a full server number don't matter to much.

Well, here is some earily info, take it as a rumor not as fact.

GeForce 7900 had 24 Pixel pipelines.
Takes 75-150 Watts

GeForce 8800 will have 48+ Pixel Pipelines.
Will take up to like 300+ Watts
New shader
Directx 10
And all of the Vista extras
Well, just got back from the Lan, HOLY SWEETNESS.
They gave us BF2142 along with some other swag coming in the door.
Most people won cool new stuff.
I got a 500 Watt Cooler Master PSU
The new 680i MoBo eVGA
and lastly the still sweet eVGA GeForce 7900 GT

We played BF2142 most of the time, our pug team got to the 3rd Round of the tourny.

Wed was all about the new stuff:
The GeForce8800 GTX Totally rocks, DirectX10 Really makes a big difference and the new card blows all others away.

And the new MoBo Chipset has some sweet new stuff, like teaming for the 2 eithernet ports, much better raid SET UP. Better audio, and better set upfor the PCI-E cards.

Plus we got to see all the new games with new demos and gameplay never before seen: The new Company of Heroes Patch to Directx10!!
Supreme Comander, Command & Conquer 3, World in Confilt (thing FPS+RPG=Sweetness), and so on.

Total cost to me $30 to get in and gas down about $40

Free food the whole time, nice catored food.

Now that I have reached heaven and tasted of its greatness what is there more in life.... Good times.

Now I have to put together a new system:

Heres the deal:
I just got back from the GeForce 3 Lan in San Jose, very sweet time!, anyways I won the new 680i eVGA MoBo Socket 775 SLi and all that, plus an e-GeForce 7900 GT KO 256MB GDDR 3 Core 500 and Memory 750, and lastly a Targen 1100Watt PSU that my brother is letting me borrow(Quad SLi ready ). Now that made me really happy but at the same time makes me wonder what to do with it all...

Current idea is to strip out my old system of Hard Drives, and DVD burner, and build a new system using my new MoBo and get a Conroe and also DDR2. So my main question to the experts is which of the Core 2 Duo CPU would you get?

With the understanding:
Main purpose is for Gaming (FPS and RTS -- CSS & Company of Heroes), and secondard purpose backing up(ripping) Movies and TV shows.
Buget is very limited, so no E6700 or X6800 even the E6600 is pushing it price wise.
I'm good with overclocking, not an expert, but pretty fearless.
I do plan to upgrade the cooling and thremal gresse.
And also I'm happy to wait for the new quad core for max performance.

Second question is what is some good DDR 2 800 memory 2 Gbs worth? Maybe just get 1 Gb for now and add some more later, I'm really out of money right now too many lan partys,

Lastly is a case:
Mid Tower, and at least space for 5 Hard Drives.
With these as my priorities:
1 Cooling
2 Usabitily
3 Price
4 Sweet Looks

Here is the specs on my old system (which I want to keep using as a backup gaming system): Key OLD = Stay on older system, New = Move to new system.
CPU- 3700+ AMD 2.4 Stock, OC to 2.64 - Old
MoBo- Asus K8N4-E Deluxe Socket 754 - Old
Memory- DDR 400 2 GB (2x512 Musken and 1 GB Stick) 2.5-7-3-3-6(Not sure on Timings) - Old
PSU - 510 Watt PC Power and Cooling Sli Ready - Old
GPU - XFX GeForce 6800 GT with Silencer Cooler and OC 20% - Old
Sound - SB Creative Audugy 2 ZS Gamer PCI - Not sure old/new
Eithernet - 1Gbit nic - Old
Hard Drives - 4x 250 GB WD Drives (Data) Raid 0 Sata 3.0Gb & IDE 320 GB WD (System) - New
Opitcal - NEC 16x DL DVD Burner IDE - OLD & TSST 18x DL DVD Burner IDE - New
Case - Modded Sun Beam Arlclic LCD - OLD

Thanks for you help...
OMG you got a board with the new 680i chipset????

I ENVY YOU SO MUCH Crying or Very sad

and a 7900gt... all for $70... the psu is alright, but is nothing in comparison to the others...

As for the question you asked, definently get the E6600. The L2 is twice of the 6400 and 6300, it is definently worth the extra cash. I would reccommend 2Gb DDR2, but if you need to drop to 1Gb, do it so that you can get good RAM and the E6600. It won't make that big of a difference in the short-run anyways. Be sure to spend at least $250 on some good Corsair XMS too.

For the case, it really depends on what you need. For portability, I say go for the Antec P180B (, the Lian Li PC-7B (, the Antec Nine Hundred (, or the Stacker 810 (

The first two are excellent mid cases, with the Lian Li being the most portable of the four. The P180B is first because it is by far the best quality and best looking case. As for the last two cases, they are large towers that will provide EXCELLENT cooling and large amounts of space for expandability. Since you didn't specify the "usability" priority (portability or expandability or otherwise), I basically chose the top 4 cases for a system with the quality of yours. I would say the Lian Li is the most affordable option, but the P180B would be the best quality, and the Nine Hundred and Stacker will allow massive airflow and expandability for great temps (for overclocking).

If you have any more questions, feel free to ask. I really have no life outside of school and computer hardware
Isn't that the truth some times...

Anyways thanks for the input, I talked to some other guys and it seems like the E6600 with the 4Mb of Shared L2 is the way to go. I wasn't planing to buy anything for the next while so I paid my bills and now I'm out of cash, lol. So I'm going to have to wait, and/or buy this beast piece by piece. I will grab that E6600 first around Thanksgiving, and hopefully I will be able to borrow some DDR2 ram for a little while so I can start using my computer until I can buy the ram to, and the case can come last I guess. So hopefully I can get the base system running by thanksgiving and it all together by Christmas.

I want to get 2 GB of ram, but that may take a little while.

I like the cooling of the Antec Nine Hundred but not the look.
I like the overall feel and usabitily of the Antec P180B, but once again I think it looks like a refreatior.
I think out of all that you put the Stacker 810 this the case that might work the best...

But i'm going to take my time sence it might be a while before I can save up some cash, maybe I should sell my car or something.... hmmm.

Sell your old computer on Craigslist. I had to use an old P3 for a few weeks after my old primary system sold while I was waiting on parts.

Glad to hear you went with the E6600. I'll be getting one too when I upgrade, they are great cores Very Happy
how do you think I could get max value out of selling it?
sell it as a complete system:
sell everything but what I want to keep, like sell mobo, case, cpu, gpu, sound, psu, but no DVD or hard drive?

I'm don't think I could get the value of the computer by selling, vs use as a backup system, media center, and/or fileserver....

well here it is if anyone is interested:
You want to sell it as a pre-built system, ready to play with OS loaded. Otherwise, no one will want it. If you get a HDD and DVD burner for it, load XP, then sell it for a bit more, parents will buy it as a christmas present for their kids. Make sure to say it is a gaming machine, great for kids who play online. It also helps to say that the price is negotiable, that way people will respond if it is a bit over your budget (and you can always sell it to them later if noone else is interested). If it is fully built, assembled, and ready to play on, it is definently worth that price tag...
Thanks again, to tell the truth I don't have any OS that I could load on it, should I buy one?

Also I want to keep my Hard Drive set up.
But I do have a 80Gb or a 120Gb hard drive that I could put in it., which one would sell better?
And I could put my 16xDVD burner or a standard DVD reader?

Let me know what you think and I will repost my ad, I really just don't give the system away for a low price, at the same time I wouldn't buy this older system... Embarassed

edit: okay reposted:
I would put in the 120Gb and a burner, it will sell better that way. Find a friend with XP and get it installed. Having the system ready to be used and gamed on is VITAL to selling it.
Here it is:
Updated: Add Hard Drive, DVD Burner, WinXP, and BF2142

Complete desktop gaming system with Windows XP up and running stream-lined for online game play experance. Also preinstalled Battlefield 2142 one of the hottest new games. Great complete system that would make the best Christmas present for any gamer. Be the talk of all the LAN party with this system. Extreme graphics using the XFX Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT PCI-Express graphics card, upgraded and modded with the Arctic-cooling NV Silencer 5 (Rev. 3), and overclocked to 20% over stock speeds.

Plays 90% of current games at full graphic settings, play Counter Strike Source and BattleField 2 like they are ment to be played. 5.1 Sound for crystal clear audio for the best game preformance and DVD movie experance using the advance Creative Sound Blaster 2Zs Gamer Sound Card; also with backup sound system on the motherboard itself. Max multiplayer experance using the onboard 1 Gigabit eithernet port. The heart of the system is a overclocked AMD 3700+ CPU with 2Gb of DDR400 ram. Comes in a custome-built acrylic case with highend modded cooling for max overclocking, with full case cooling via 5 80mm fans, with LCD controler for a sweet look.

XFX Nvidia GeForce6800 GT 256Mb DDR3 Retail $145 w/ $45 Silncer Cooler for 20% overclock (i.e. Core clock 420MHz, and Memory 1200MHz)

AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.4GHz Socket 754 Processor - Retail $90

Zalman Cooler $40 for at Least 10% overclock (i.e. 2.64 Ghz)

MotherBoard Asus K8N4-E Deluxe
Socket 754 w/ PCI-E, 7.1 Sound, Gb Eithernet, Firewire/USB IDE and Sata RAID 0/1/5 Retail $89

1Gb (2x512 Mb) and 1 Gb total of 2Gb of DDR400(3200) Timings 2.5-3-3-6 RAM Retail $260 With custom copper heat speaders $20

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 ZS Gamer 7.1 Channels 24-bit 192KHz PCI Interface Sound Card - Retail $85

COOLER MASTER 500 Watts Continuous Power Supply RS-500-ASAA ATX Form Factor 12V V2.2 / SSI standard EPS 12V V2.91 115/230 V Nemko / TUV / cUL / CE / BSMI / FCC / CCC - Retail $99.99

Sunbeam ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with front USB
LAC-BT Blue LED 5.0 & 8.0mm thick acrylic panels - Retail $69 5 80mm Fans $25

120 Gb 7200 RPM Westen Digital Hard Drive

NEC 16x DL DVD Burner/Reader $35

Windows XP Home OS
preloaded and running $120

Battlefield 2142 from EA (DVD)

Total Retail value: $1248 ( prices on all computer parts with out any Shipping or Tax)

Plus all of my time installing the upgrade cooling and maxing out the overclocking, Retail Value: Priceless

My Price $845 OBO (System configuration and price totally negotiable)

Remember for use a monitor, mouse, keyboard, and for sound -- speakers or head phones are needed. If you need any of these I may be able to include them too. i.e. I have a 19inch LCD...

All parts are working, in almost new condition. There is no warrenty from me or any type of support, sale is final. However, most parts are still warrentied by the manufactures.

Will update pictures later with the upgraded PSU and hard drive configuration, but hopefully you will get the Idea from the current pictures for now.
More Picture can be found here:
Seller accepts Paypal, not checks or the like. Buyer pays for shipping and handling: Around $20

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

I'm trying to fund my upgrade to a Core 2 Duo, please help a poor college student out.
Well I got my photos up finally:
121 of them

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