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Idea Contest

Hello all
---We here at ACStudios are giving the following Idea Contest.
This Idea Contest is featured on other forums aswell, so the rules are"exactly as written" on all of them.
If this violates any rules on Frihost Please Contact me at which point the section in violation will be imediately reformated.

Thank you
ACstudios -STaff --

Very Simple.

Im starting a website that involves alot of multimedia, including, but not limited to, animations, videos, graphic designs,CGI's, Stories, posters, calendars etc.
The web site itself isnt finished. Most of the contents is still inside the testing server phase, and yes there will be a submissions section as well as a ranking system. We at ACStduios have come up with a lot of ideas that are being pursued and their progress can be watched from within the website but we know that somewere out there, there is someone with a great idea and imagination but lacks the tools or the time to do them. what we offer is this:

Submit your ideas here (one idea per post please).
If you can write it before hand so it is legible and organized.
It may be an idea for a single image/Signature/ etc
It may be an idea for a video design or flash.
Let your imagination soar.

Those ideas we deem exiting or interesting will be selected, further evaluated and made concrete. The author of the idea retains ownership of it aswell as Co-ownership of the interpretation (video/image design). It will be made into a project and its progress can be monitored from within the website, the finished product will also be placed inside our website with the authors information.
The Product will also be signed with the authors information with an Invisible digital watermark, this watermark cant be seenw ith the naked eye but with a program anyone can extract information, such as author and time of creation etc, so no one can claim your idea Razz

P.S. I dont know if this should be posted in another Section since the prize itself is being selected If so Please move the Entire thread there.
For all those interested and those that post their submissions, Good Luck to all.

The Deadline for this Contest is the Launch date of the Webpage which is not due at least for another 3 weeks or more. On that date i'll post the Selected Ideas, Their authors and It will mark the closing of the Thread

P.S. I just Realised i had Alredy Posted it, im terribly sorry about this, if by the time any administrator reads this there are applications, could you merge both threads ?
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