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got the shakes

Hi... My hands shake a lot when Im with other people. I cant make It stop.. really. Its so bad that I cant eat out with friend. Sometimes I cant drink coffee either.
RT Cunningham
It sounds like you need to lay off the caffeine. That means no caffeinated coffee, no high octane tea, and no chocolate.
If you're not consuming caffeine, you might want to see a doctor. Shaking can be a sign of almost anything.

Some people get shakes when they have low blood sugar (IE: haven't eaten anything for a long while) or if the muscles in the part of the body that shakes aren't getting the blood flow that they're used to. This second condition usually applies to the legs/feet only. Also, some people develop very light tremors as they get older, if they have or have ever had a sustained, high-caffeine habit. (My Dad has this.)

There are nervous conditions, too, that can be triggered by social situations. Do you ONLY shake when you're with others? That sounds like a psychosomatic condition, in which case, medicine or some easy counseling practices should be able to fix or lessen the problem.

If the shaking gradually starts getting worse over the course of a few weeks or months, or doesn't seem to be connected to a social situation, it could be a sign of a more dangerous condition or disease. Everything from Parkinsons disease to a brain tumor list "involuntary shaking" as a first symptom. Obviously, these conditions are much less likely to be your problem, but it's good to be aware of them anyway, incase the shaking really gets bad with no explanation.

Last note; shaking should never hurt. If you ever experience pain in the joints or the muscles where the shaking is occuring, please get help right away. This can be an extreme allergic reaction, or worse, a sign of high toxicity and damage in progress in that part of the body (for example, if you come into contact with high-molar acid, some industrial chemicals, or a mercury compound).

Sorry about the condition, but hopefully, it can be taken care of in a relatively simple way. I hope you get to enjoy lunch with a friend soon!
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