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Do Big Screens Make Employees More Productive?

If your company uses 17" or 19" monitors, 30" monitors will make the employees more productive, Apple-sponsored research says. MacWorld reports: "Pfeiffer's testing showed time savings of 13.63 seconds when moving files between folders using the larger screen 15.7 seconds compared to 29.3 seconds on the 17-in. monitor for a productivity gain of 46.45 percent. The testing showed a 65.09 percent productivity gain when dragging and dropping between images a task that took 6.4 seconds on the larger monitor compared to 18.3 seconds using the smaller screen. And cutting and pasting cells from Excel spreadsheets resulted in a 51.31 percent productivity gain a task that took 20.7 seconds on the larger monitor versus 42.6 seconds on the smaller screen.""
Calling such task-specific speed jolts "productivity gains" seems optimistic unless some measure of overall producivity backs up that claim, but don't mention that on the purchase order request.
That is complete BS.

Using one large screen is not good at all for productivity, especially with 30" screens. The single desktop forces you to resize windows, rather than a much better dual 19" monitor solution. We use them at work, and each window can have their own desktops so that you can just maximize on each screen so you don't have to resize windows. This whole thing is just more Mac propoganda for their overpriced monitors and them trying to get businesses to buy their worthless products again.
I am not so sure about 30" monitors, but I am definitely sure that dual monitors are the way to go. Many of our tasks are made faster just because we are able to view more of the program output at a single glance.

Unlike most jobs, our jobs require us to observe output over a length of time in the horizontal direction (waveform data of chip design simulations), making dual monitors an even more attractive option!
30" is too much, worth too much, and do nothing more...I can't understand why it would take less time>? And i see a HUGE HOLE in the survey...
They researched about screen sizes, but not about SCREEN RESOLUTIONS???
~LoL~ I think that they should research the resolution first, which i think, is more important -and a lot easier and cheaper to change it- rather than 30' monitors... Exept from the initial money that they neeed, they also need more room, more power, and i believe, that they are less productive(i can't work at monitor bigger than 21'), and i prefer 17' or 19' max.

The dual 19' i believe are the solution to the problem.

~how about discusing the resolutions? What resolution do you use in the dual monitors?
~Does Mac suggest a specific resolution at the 30' monitors that they suggest?
Arno v. Lumig
Well, I think 30" is definately too big. Two 17" monitors could speed you up a lot though...

I use 1024*786 on my 15,4" CRT display, I'm wondering what resolution a 30" screen would use...

I think the best solution to speedup the work is to teach people more about input devices, and use high-quality input devices. Preferable trackballs (less RSI, and more precise), and good desk chairs etc.

Well, I have noticed a slight increase in my productivity when I moved up from a 15" to a 19", but a 30"? That's way too big. Like most people said here, it would probably be better to use dual monitors, preferably dual 19" monitors. Plus, it would be a waste of money to purchase a single 30" monitor as compared to two 17" or 19" monitors.
30" is BS

there would be a productivity gain going from 17"/19" to maybe a 20.1" or even a 23" as it would let you view documents and webpages without zooming in/out constantly and scrollign side to side

however, 30" is just plain stupid and a wate of money. talk about the gpu needed to drive that! corporate dudes aint gonna buy 7600GT's just for word processing. they'll b using intel integrated rubbish.
like what has been said, dual monitors increase productivity.
that's what our IT staff has told us.

i'm eagerly awaiting my second lcd monitor at work. it may take getting used to, but i'm sure i'll get it down Smile

anyone use doubledesktop on dual monitors? i wonder how it works.
i have it on a single monitor, and when the boss walks in, i flip to the work desktop Smile
Evidence contrary to the article...

I just got a 32" LCD.

I can't stop playing games.

Productivity is down. Laughing
30 inches? I'm not sure. But DUAL 30 inchers, now that would definitely make me more productive. Wink I'll have to suggest it to my boss. I feel so restricted when I don't have my laptop docked to an additional monitor. Once you go dual, you never go back. Smile
Y did u post this no one cares?
If you don't have anything worthwhile, or even remotely relevant to add to the discussion, please keep your comments to yourself.
big size screens with high resolution can increase productivity if the employee is able to use it effectively. This is the thing that lacks everywhere, there are resources but it is the peer who using it is responsible to make use of it, but in fact is not making use of it. And of course there are people who make use of it, and in their hands those big monitors with huge resolution will be of use.
I would like to say, not too big nor too small. 19'' TFT is good enough for me.
if your talking design, like graphics or layouts or that kind of stuff, then bigger screens DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. a huge difference. the more realestate the better. and considering apple provide smostly for design companies, that make sence. i mean multitasking, which is another apple strong point, by far, just look at os x, is what design is all about. you have many programs open at once, and you need to access all easily, at any time. big screens let you have more than one thing up at a time, which meanseasy access. so yea, big screesn make more productivity, in design at least. you spend less time switchign windows and more time working.
Graphics arts is a very specialized field though, of course graphics artists would benefit from more resolution.

This argument really has two sides to it, SCREEN SIZE and SCREEN RESOLUTION. Someone will not be more productive on a 30" screen if it has the same res as his 19" screen. On the other hand, if he gets a high-res 22", his performance over the 19" and its low res may be huge. But really, the main booster of production is having dual monitors, so you can have a "working window" and a "refrence window," that way you can type on screen 1 and have any refrences or anything of that sort open on the 2nd monitor.
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