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Window Xp-Deleting child file makes parent folder lock-up

Hai all,

I've done a search for problems involving folders that won't delete, and I found plenty of threads discussing it. But none of them seemed to address the particulars of my problem. As the title suggests, I am having a problem where deleting a file or folder within a particular parent folder makes tha parent folder unmodifiable. I cannot delete, move, cut, or rename the parent folder once a child file or folder has been deleted. And that includes children of the children. I get the standard "Error Deleting/Renaming/Moving File or Folder - Currently being used by another person or program... yadayada" dialogue when attempting to do so. Once Windows is restarted, the problem goes away. I can delete the folders without a hitch, at least until I *dare* to delete another file or folder stored within the folder.

I did a search for some of these problem folders using Process Explorer, and interestingly enough the folders ARE being used by a program: explorer.exe. Every one of the problem folders is listed as a handle under explorer.exe.

Now, the problem here is that this isnt just one or two folders that I'm trying to get rid of. I have a lot of files I keep for work, and I really need to keep them organized. I have a lot of sub-folders, I keep back-ups of files, move things around, delete rubbish. Its something I do every day. I cannot be restarting Windows every time I need to move or rename a folder, its simply uncceptable. I've had this notebook for 2 days now and already I'm having to resort to ridiculous work-arounds to get simple tasks done? No way. I'm not trying to solve this problem once using whatever mean necessary (like I said, I already know I can get around the problem by restarting Windows), What I'm trying to figure out the cause of this problem and how to keep it from occuring to begin with.

I've turned off Indexing sevice, I've checked my file permissions: I am an administrator level user anyway, and even then the folders that are creating problems are owned by my account, I have full access to them. So I don't see ownership or permissions as being issues, especially given that I can see using Process Explorer that these folders are actually in use by explorer.exe. The question is, what is explorer.exe doing with these folders, and why does deleting the children of the folder trigger the problem?
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