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Apocalypse Now? Global Warming Hotspots

This week, scientists issued a warning that ice is being discharged from Greenland and the West Antarctic Peninsula at a much greater rate than previously thought possible. Last week, an entirely separate study warned that irreversible ‘climate meltdown’ is just ten years away, after a deep ice core drilled out of the Antarctic permafrost revealed a shocking rate of change in carbon dioxide concentrations. (source MSN News)

If your concerned or not by global warming in your part of the world check out what is happening. Use the link above to get to global warming hotspots across the planet. It showes you a map with pushpin represents an area referred to in a report on global warming and the likely impact on that area of the continued effects of climate change. Following the more info link on each pushpin will take you to the website from which we’ve sourced it. Its really quite enlightening.
I aggree that man is doing a lot to damage his environment and drastic change is needed. However I am a bit sceptical as to a dramatic change in climate within the next 10 years. I think that the earth is a lot more stable than we think. the earth has undergone climate changes all the time and is more resiliant than we think. So while we need to protect our plant, I dont think there is cause for alarm that the world will end soon.
So much conjecture and hyperbole in climate "science". Let's not forget that the "climate models" used now is unable to predict future temperature with less than 100% uncertainty, or worse.

If fact guessing would serve the same purpose as the present climate models which is totally inadequate. And about the ice metling in antarctica - the place is actually getting colder. Read up on it.
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