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Future Xbox 360 games

Xbox's new system started off with a fairly lack luster (oblivion being the bright star in a fairly dark night) set of games in my personall opinion. However there new list leaves me stareing in awe. Finally a few truly next-gen games will be arriving on the 360. Heres my list of games to watch for.

1. Halo3: There is no denying that this is one of the most anticipated games in history. Love it or hate you probally will play it. With advances lighting, enhanced a.i., and an advandce real-time engine, master cheif plans to kill the compitition in 2007

2 Mass effect: Created by the award winning guys who brought you Kotor and Jade Empire. Set 200 years in the future, mass effect brings you expansive planets and an immersive storyline. With what apears to be an Rpg, tactical shooter hybrid mass effect might bring Bioware game of the year honors agian.

3. Gears of War: One of the most anticpated games for the 360. With the tremendous pontential of the unreal three engine, the game places you in the posistion to fight for survial in this tactical shooter. With realistic combat, good co-op, and promising multiplayer the game should be a phenonmenon.

4. Splinter Cell double agent: The series with hardcore diehard fans returns as Sam Fisher takes on the role of double agent. You can expect gmaeplay you've known to expect from this Tom Clancy Series. With the delema of how to carry out your role as a double agent affectivly weighing on you, the game will raise questions such as do I kill the civilian to gain the trust or do I blow my cover.

5. Huxley: Not much is known about this game except for a few details. It will be a first person shooter massive multiplayer online game. The gamers will be able to choose diferent races to play as with unique abilities. It is also belived to use the unreal 3 engine as well provided stunning graphics. If it does all it promises and is expected to do it will be a breakaway hit.

These are my five to watch
the two games im looking forward to the most on 360 is assassins creed and bioshock. those two games looks totally awesome ^^
Klaw 2
im going to buy one next year, when there are more games to choose from, but im especially looking forward to halo 3 finishing the fight Very Happy
ninja gaiden 2, i saw the trailer and notice previos characters from part 1 that are suppose to be dead appears on NG2
Xellos wrote:
ninja gaiden 2, i saw the trailer and notice previos characters from part 1 that are suppose to be dead appears on NG2

There is no NG2 trailer out. They released an NGS trailer which is a PS3 port of the first Ninja Gaiden.
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