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AWITS or whatever you need to know about our new Alert, Warning and Information Ticket System.

I designed AWITS to make a more sophisticated way to handle warnings and alerts (that's how we call hosting related warnings).

The most drastic change for the users is that the warning pm is now gone and replaced by one (or more) private discussion threads about the warning. Private meaning only accessible to the user(s) assigned to the thread and the Frihost staff. A notification pm is sent when a discussion topic is opened or a change occurred since your last visit. There is also a link to each topic on your Account page.

If "a reply is need", this means that we need your input like some information or confirmation of an action from your part. Like changing your signature/avatar or removing files from your account.

If you care about your account here, you should not ignore AWITs(=warnings/alerts) and try to make us close them as fast as possible. Ignoring an AWIT or keep doing the same thing is definately not appreciated and may cause your hosting account to be removed and/or you being banned.

I also wanted to include some general information about AWITs as a lot of people are/were asking about it.

A WARNING ticket is an account related (mostly about these forums) 'warning'. Typical warnings are sent about signature, avatars, poor quality posts or copy-pasting (without quotes/source).

An ALERT ticket is a hosting related 'warning'. Typical alerts are about music, warez, torrents, spam, proxy, irc or reselling our hosting. In most of these cases we ban the user without any notification/alert/warning, so you should call yourself lucky if actually you get one of these.

(An INFORMATION ticket is about information about a user and usually won't contain any discussion topics and will hence be invisible to you.)

Getting an AWIT is definately not a disaster in most cases. We do not ban users after x AWITs. It totally depends on the gravity of the AWIT(s). AWITs are also not removed, only closed.

And finally some information about what kind of things we are very strict about:
*New users with poor quality posts or copy-pasting articles/posts making them look like their own posts (the last also for long-time members). We ban a lot of those users - the forums become a lot cleaner because of this.
*Most hosting related issues. If you want to do illegal (or just not allowed) stuff, do them at your own computer, but not on our server. The datacenter is pretty strict on abuse issues (like last downtime of server 2) and there is no reason why we shouldn't be the same.
*Ignoring AWITs and repeating the same offenses after an AWIT about it.

Of course most users will never get an AWIT or only the less severe ones like the signature warning. Very Happy
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