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Moderators and Staff Saint's Kingdom

I have been in the process of puttin up an MMORPG online (Web browser based). I was wondering if anyone would like to help moderate the game since Im going to need people willing to play and full of ideas. I dont want people that will come in and stay for maybe a few days and then leave. If your going to do that please your waisting my space and dont sign up in the first place. I will be needing people who can be extremely active throughout the entire week maybe not the weekends....

The game is still in it's Beta stages so it's nothing to spectacular yet. I am currently in the process of movin everythigng from Frihost to myself....Since my server will be havin around 4 gigs of ram with Dual AMD...and ill try to near 1TB for a HD....

We need reliable people willin to make this game work...To give you a little bit of background on what the games like the name is Saint's Kingdom and you can about image with that name it's midevil based. There's not alot I can tell you because the game is so Raw...Thats why I need people to help with ideas and such. If your interested you can message me through FriHost and I can give you more details.....Please if you have an interest in MUDS or Text based MMORPGs please send me a message and just ask for more details. If you have ever heard of Exo/Gamers Fusion thats the core im using...Yes some people may disagree with that but it's the only raw form you can really get...It will look nothing like exo when it's finished...I will probably keep this game in beta for around 6 months to give me time to make it a little better....

But anyways I have to run if you need more details please send me a message......
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