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Work, Cigs, And big Tabacky

So I'm at work the other day when some guy comes in. I Didnt have a clue who he was, but i started talkin to him anyways. He said he was there for his job and was going to be switching our signs out on our cig displays and outside above the gas pumps. So I watched him change out and throw the signs away and all that good stuff and I asked him who he works for. He worked for RJ Reynolds (The Camel Cig Company, Phillip Morris would be like Marb Reds and stuff...) But anyways I then asked him if he smoked...And he didnt....He asked me If i smoked And I told him, "Yes I do. I smoke Camel Lights." So he was like Ok Ill BRB and he walked to his car and got a free pack of smokes for me and my friends who were workin. I thought it was kind of funny because he probably gets paid good money to change out them cig signs but he doesnt smoke and works for tobacco? I just thought it was kind of ironic....(The pack of cigs even came with a sticker that pretty much said it was a VIP pack of smokes paid for by big tabacco themselves..Kinda funny...Yet another pointless story Very Happy
if he smoked he'd probably smoke the whole collection himself and leave none for customer promotions

#anyway if you're surrounded by so much cigs you could have all you ever wanted. it'll kill the temptation#
Funny story on this actually...My gas station is gettin shut down because we charged 1.5 million worth of gas at a farmer's co-op near our town...well the owner bounced the checks he gave them so he owes them all that money now..ON TOP of what he owes everyone else..Long story short...we will be shut down in like 3 months...I already get free cigs and free everything....if you need anything (booze, cash or cigs, maybe something to drink) lemme know Wink Ill send em your way
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