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100% silent PC

Now I was going over some older pages of slashdot and found this,
its a setup thats 100% silent, no moving parts.

My question is, how much do you think something like this would cost?
(They list a price, but things were donated to them so.. yah.)

Although I think that most people would rather have larger drives with some noise than only 8gb, But still, if you had the time or money, dont you think this would be nice to have?

Well, I guess it would be around 1000$ ??
WAY more. The two iRam drives they had easily exceeded that amount...

It doesn't mention the video card or drives in the specifications, but judging by the cost of the PSU and case they used, I am going to estimate $3500

EDIT: There are cheaper, fully passive solutions. This was just a "proof of concept" to make a computer with one of those ionic breeze things...
Oh man! That was cool! Very Happy I hope this will be the future! The price will not allow this for many years but think how expensive it was with some part in 1970 that not cost anything today(almost).

in 2040 maby this will be a normal thing that all computer has.
Just because it has no moving parts dosn't mean it's silent.
Very very quiet yes, but not silent.

It is actually possible to hear the electronics work, even over the noise of the fan. (I found this out once, while running a memory test on a PC; The test was of the type that filled, then emptied, then filled, then repeated indefinately. I noticed something odd while preforiming this test: The noise from the PC changed subtly depending on if it was filling or emptying at the time. This was an older PC, and did not have dynamic fan speed support; the only thing it could have been was the electronics themselves. (The IDE drives were not connected, and the floppy was not doing anything at the time.)) I imagine you'd be able to hear this better on a fanless PC.
My hard drives are louder than the fans in my Shuttle. Hard drives can be VERY loud.
My hard drives are louder than the fans in my Shuttle. Hard drives can be VERY loud.

True, thats why they dont use any.
They use solid state ram. Ram, thus no spinning, and noise.

Yep, they don't use hard drives ^^
Just iRAM, which is expensive I reckon o.O
iRAM is reaallly expensive buddy. You are going to need deeper pockets than 1000. You are probably looking at around $4000. Plus, there are other ways to have a silent pc. This is just a novel way to do it. And by novel I mean uselessly novel.
Huh, no hard drives. Windows XP will barely run on that 8Gb of solid-state. There is no way you can game on it, no game will fit!
Its not really feasable given the price to noise loss ratio there would.

Your best bet for right now until these things become cheaper is to just go low noise, not totally silent.

Use a standar 7200RPM HDD, they make noise, but not much.
Use a passive HS for the processor like the Ninja or something
Use no case fans or very low RPM 120mm fans if you need them
Use a passive cooler for your NB and GFX card
Use one of the passive or low noise PSUs that are available on the market

In total, you could build a near silent PC for well under $1000 if you looked around for good deals long enough.
And make sure you get a nice sound dampening system, like the Antec P180/B. Man i loev those cases Shocked
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