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How many warnings before u are banned?

i want to know how many warnings you get before the administrators or mods ban you. Once I had a warning from gh0stface coz i didnt quote content from wikipedia and another magazine. but he said it was kind of okay because I had credited my source. And in another instance, I had kind of a warning because I started two topics about The same 7th HP book. So he locked my second topic. Also, i was inactive in the forums for like three months, and got till -109 points before i started posting again. Now I am at -54 points.

Please clear my doubts.
Usually for more serious offences, you'll receive two warnings and be banned for the third "warnable-offence" however I don't think you have to worry too much. You won't get a warning for being low on points - just try to keep the posting going Wink
But your two warnings seem to have been fairly minor. If you were continuously posting copy and pasted content without using quote tags then it may count as one warning, but if you did it once, it's probably not something to worry about. Likewise, if a mod closes one of your topics, that doesn't normally count as a warning.

Everything's taken on a case-by-case basis, but if you try not to break the rules, you won't be banned Smile
I might not be 100% on this answer but i believe that it is like something where if you continue doing it you will get a ban. But if you just seriously spam you might not even get a warning and just be banned. Like i know with signatures at least if you have one too big or something you may get a warning and as long as it is taken care of it isn't a big deal but if you continue with this then it is more serious.
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