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Hey everybody...

I am currently designing a website and, since I have no experience nor any knowledge in HTML, I am using small parts of graphics from other websites that I sometimes modify.
Since my site will not be profit oriented, and that I try to make it original by modifying the graphics, I was wondering if the owners of these sites will ever have a clue of what I'm doing, and if yes, would it matter that much for them.

To be more precise, I don't want to replicate other site, I juste inspire myself from those and use some of the graphics.

Anyway, thx guys...

(sry if the post is in the wrong section, didn't know where to go)
Well, let me tell you this.
1. Stealing graphics from others site are lame as hell, just show how lame you are.
2. Rather have a shit site then a stolen one.
3. If somone would steel my graphics, I would honestly be pist. If copyrighted, you can get into serious trouble.

So, just try not to do it.

Yeah im with scoria even if the graphics are not copyrighted, which they should have done, dont steal them or slightly mod them and put them on your site, if we're talking about logos and banners here post a request in the marketplace and get something original...someguy with an alien avatar made mine his name was something like artherbenninchi.
Anyways they might have worked hard to make those graphics so just don't steal them.
there are tons of free website templates available to use. i think some of them allow you to modify and use it for any use including for commercial porpose. stealing graphic from other website that never allow you to use any part of the site is so damn lame. it's a sin just like you download and listen to an mp3 without buying the original song.

i'm use a free template and i'm enjoy it. content is king. what the hell i don't care with the graphic or template. Laughing
In Australia and in America I believe everything created by a person is copyrighted whether they say it or not. You may only use their work if they say you can.

Go to free websites for images, there are plenty!
Some pretty famous designers can identify their work easily. Never modify someone elses work and then call it your own. Go to a stock photograph site and gets bits and pieces of everything and then compile something of your own. be creative and take things to the next level. what your doing now, is very small town
If you get them from another website then its copyright infrigement, im not sure if you modify it. everything you make automaticly its youre copyright.

Copyright is a protection that covers published and unpublished literary, scientific and artistic works, whatever the form of expression, provided such works are fixed in a tangible or material form. This means that if you can see it, hear it and/or touch it - it may be protected. If it is an essay, if it is a play, if it is a song, if it is a funky original dance move, if it is a photograph, HTML coding or a computer graphic that can be set on paper, recorded on tape or saved to a hard drive, it may be protected. Copyright laws grant the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, perform and display the work publicly. Exclusive means only the creator of such work, not anybody who has access to it and decides to grab it.

For more info see WhatisCopyright
godam64 wrote:
it's a sin just like you download and listen to an mp3 without buying the original song.

That's not like that at all. If it would be the same thing, it would be a sin the browse a website... and I'm pretty sure that isn't a sin.

Anyway, going on topic.

If you don't wanna make your website by youself, there are 3 alternatives:

1. Use free templates and graphics
2. Make someone make it for you
3. This is the thing you talked about; taking from other websites. If you do this, ask the creator!.

Myself I recommend to try and start learning to design a website. HTML is not hard at all (I learned it in 2 weeks when I was 9 years old). Then it may take a little longer to learn to actually make nice sites (it took 3 years for me) but it's worth it.
@hostingguy: Please use quote-tags if you quote something the next time. Wink
Loghete wrote:
HTML is not hard at all (I learned it in 2 weeks when I was 9 years old).

Heh, no, it's not hard at all. I was 11!

If you're already modifying other people's graphics, then you must have a decent image editor. Start making your own stuff from scratch, it'll develop your skills much more quickly and give your site a bit more merit and character. Recycling other people's work just lowers the quality of the internet as a whole.
First of all i don't get the connection between not knowing HTML and takeing pictures from other sides and modify them.

LIke they said before, there are tons of sites where you can find pictures that are specially there for persons like you (the are not copyrighted).

So look for them at google, and think about it. The pictures you take from other sites... People have spend their time to make something like that, have respect for it and if you would take it, at least ask it...
It's easy enough to get royalty-free graphics, or look up some tutorials online to make your own. But stealing is not the best option... at all.
lol its just stupid to steel graphics from sites, u might aswell go onto google and type in free graphics or something lol it is much easier.
and copying stuff from other sites can be ilegal if they have it copyrighted. so its best not to do lol, make ur own or try to find free ones, if you are going to take of another site its best to email a site admin and ask but make sure you include them in your credits sort o thing, like graphics on this site are made by EX:
Modifying existing copyrighted graphics is still illegal from what i have hard in the UK.

Someone got a severe warning for doing it in ICT coursework as well.

Id reccomend using a free web template or something like frontpage templates if you dont want to design your own graphics. These can be used freely usually.
sibbahz wrote:
Modifying existing copyrighted graphics is still illegal from what i have hard in the UK.
yeah that's illegal in my country too
some peopl estole my graphics in the past & believe me,that's made me mad!
a lot of free template can be found in the net,& why doyou notlearnto make our own? with the gimp or other freeware,it's better to make ur own thing than use a premade!
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