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Kingdom Hearts

KH is the best game by far. my tactic is attack and dont stop. if you keep attacking your enemies they cant fight back.
sooner or later your combo will run out, giving them that split second, but yeah, it is a blood good game
Dodga wrote:
KH is the best game by far. my tactic is attack and dont stop. if you keep attacking your enemies they cant fight back.

It is not the best tactic. You should fight like you are in a real battle.The winer of a real battle is always wisdom rather than blood.
Kingdom Hearts...
It has been a long time since I played it, and I was the "master" at it.

I just played it, and figured the best tactics..


Yup Smile
Very popular game in my school. There's a kingdom hearts official after school club, even. I only played the original kingdom hearts and started KH2 but I agree it is an insanely good game. Characters are perfectly matched with voices and storyline is catching and recognizable, while still being pretty challenging in gameplay (not so much challenging, but it isn't like you don't have to think, like in FFX where you just follow the arrow). Still, there isn't any part in the game where you have to actually go hunt something out during the story, like in classics. But still a masterpiece.
The gameplay is really good. I like the unique story of this games where the character of disney and squareenix combined.
I love playing it, but I can't get past the alice in wonderland part! Embarassed
Attack and don't stop works in Kingdom Hearts 2. I beat Pride difficulty without dying once - and I fought a bunch of the battles using only the X button just to prove I could. Way too easy.

KH1 was slightly tougher on Expert difficulty. Still something that you wouldn't get angry at (Ninja Gaiden, for example) but it was actually a challenge at some points.

Amazing story, although again I found that KH2 was a bit lacking. I won't say why specifically (no spoilers here!) - but I felt that it just didn't have enough plot overall.
Graphics are spectacular (although I did find that weapon sparkles were overkill; often I couldn't see the fight!).
And just amazing music. Some of it brought back beloved memories of childhood - and some of it was just really good (I'm talking you, Night Of Fate, and you Vim & Vigor, and Hand In Hand, and Dearly Beloved; and a bunch of other really good unique tracks)[/i]
Slowly working my way through the first one. The game is very well done. It is nice to see that a "Kiddy" game can get so much respect. I can't wait to beat it and start on the second one. It is tough, with college, baseball, and...Dare I say it....World of Warcraft.
Started playing Kingdom Hearts one week ago. Until now I really like it !
Before this I completed God of War, so KH was some kind of a culture shock to me.
Hi there,

I played a lot of Kingom Heart in the summer of the launch year of the game....great nights playing the game at my neighbrs home....until he lost the goddam dvd of the game !!! LOL dammit and i was so close to end the game...

I wont be able to play KH2 because I dont have PS2 and now I play GvG Guild Wars at night so, I dont have time to play it...I gotta get a PS3 when it comes out in europe and then...maybe ill play it MUAHAHAHA !!

Stay cool everyone !!
Kingdom hearts is most certianly not the best game ever. I'd agree that kindom hearts 2 is a good game and fun, but the playing experince is limited to once. Unlike other games such as the Zelda gene where you can play them multi-times.

But I do wish that more people would use the stage system in their games( the changing into different forms when playing as Sora.
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