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Ok, so I'm a senior in high school (finally). When I was a freshmen I hung out with alot of older people, like juniors and seniors, and with the exception of a few bad tempered folk, I was generally accepted as one of the group. Now it seems that most freshmen are just...odd. I mean, this year we have a record freshmen class size, and they are literally flooding the school. My friends and I have had to relocate our hang-out area because of the noise.

Why do freshmen seem so juvenile? I mean, I can understand the four year age gap, but It really wasn't that bad junior year. All the girls are constantly giggling, which is like nails on a chalkboard after about 15 mins of contant noise. Also it seems all the guys have been castrated. They are giggling in the same high pitches that the girls do, and they can't go for more than 5 minutes without making some retarted reference to a bodily function (which is usually accompanied with some disgusting sound effect).

I didn't do any of that stuff when I was a freshmen, and it makes me wonder where these kids are getting their antics.

I want to hear your guys' opinions, if you are older, tell me your experiences, if you are younger (yes you, freshmen), please try to explain to me the reasons behind this behavior.

I just don't get it, perhaps an exlaination will help me rationalize and cope.
Evil or Very Mad Mad Evil or Very Mad
I've often thought about the same thing, I'm a junior in high school and when I was a freshman we had the largest class, and we still do. One possibility is that you're more mature now and you're starting to realize how immature they are, chances are that you were that way when you were you too. When I was a freshman I wondered why so many of the upperclassmen hated us, and now that I'm an upperclassman I'm starting to realize why. Plus it seems like all of the freshman get smaller and smaller every year (not just because I'm bigger so they seem smaller).

I'm starting to see a lot more kids pretending that they're ganster and emo now (but there seems to be a lot more emo kids in this freshman class this year). I think they're watching too much t.v. But that's just my opinion.
I am in the same situation as a senior. Only when I was a freshmen we had a lot of each grade level in our group; now we have a lot of seniors and very few underclassmen. I think it has to do with freshmen annoying us and therefore rather than embracing the new generations, we scare them away. And yes I have noticed that the freshmen (as well as current sophmores) are not only weird but annoying. I don't have a problem with the juniors, its just we don't have many of them.

To give you an idea, we have at least 30 seniors (an actual count is difficult because people are always coming and going; changing schools, etc.), about 5 juniors, 2 sophmores, and 1 freshmen. The pattern used to be every other "class" would have a lot of people; now that is no more.

I should also point out that we are the dj club, and in past years all members were all part of the group of friends, whereas now we have dj's that are not part of the group.

As for large populations of freshmen every year, that is redundant, because as more and more people have children, the population grows exponentially and causes overpopulation. Last year we had 900 freshmen and because of the that going to the bathroom during lunch and eating school food has become impossible; luckily upperclassman can just leave campus and get street food.

Oh and because of poor planning in the remodeling of my school coupled with too many freshmen, now only freshmen and sophmores have lockers. The adminstrative excuse is that we have cars; though only half the seniors have cars and we aren't allowed to go the parking lot between classes so what's the point?!

Freshmen wonder why they get trashcanned, its because they are freshmen!! (off-topic we are no longer "allowed" to chant "freshmen suck")
I'm a freshmen but i dont' think our class is like this. I don't know of this at all in my class. But my thought might it be that they just are new to this and all or they are really annoying like some classes below mine are. Honestly i don't know why your class is like that. Give it a couple of months then they will calm down. That might help some. But i really dont' understand it. Some classes are different then others.
I don't remember acting that way as a freshman, yet they all seem to. They also seem a lot shorter than I remember.
Well, you just goto give them some time.
World changes, it doesnt stay the same, so thats it.

Just leave it till puberty, all will change.
It's all comparative. When you're younger, the older kids seem infinitely cooler & better. When you're older, the younger kids are hideously immature and stupid. High school, college, real's all a matter of perspective!
I'm in my final year of secondary school (year 12) and the youngest kids (year 7) seem like the most retarded bunch of kids ever.
It could be that too i guess. The 7th graders i know are annoying and all. But it seems like the girls are always more annoying then the guys for some reason. I dont know if it is because they are just loud but it seems to work out this way alot. You can here a girl in my school from a mile away but you have to be like right next to a guy to hear them....
Some classes are just bad. It seems that there's one every four or so years. My particular class is OK, but the class after mine has problems. The two after that are pretty good, too.

I know this because my brother is in the class two before mine.

This seems to be the case from my older siblings' experiences, as well.
I just don't like most freshmen....period. Confused
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