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Linux lives

My poor windows XP got crashed because of some virus attack. That day I decided that I will not use windows & live in a threat of attack & run some antivirus which will eat up my memory & CPU. So, I installed Linux & Its the best.
Good for you. keep on going! Cool
Actually there are antiviruses for linux too ... but u hardly need them !
Great! Smile I also use Linux its fast and no virusses to worry about.
BTW which Distro do you use? Smile
Help... help...
I just installed Sase 9.2 and really love the look and feel. However, I just installed a new linksys Ethernet card, which during the set up process it recognized and installed (I think). Yes, when I try to fire up Linux to connect Konqueror with the world wide web, it doesn't get out.

When I researched how to get Ethernet cards to function in a Linux environment, unfortunately the threat digresses into programming and code, not of which I understand or can do.

Is there an idiots guide to popping an Ethernet card into Sase and having it work? I appreciate any words of advise that will help me enjoy Linux and the world wide web.

Hi Silliman.
Whas it Suse 9.2 you meant?
However, look at this link, you should have it on youre linux installation allready, you can get to it by typing <man ifconfig> in a terminal.
ifconfig man page

but first you can try to type just <ifconfig> in a terminal and see the output, if the card is wireless you should have an ath0 there, if it wired it is eth0.

if you dont have one of these, the card isnt configured, so just read the man page to configure it Smile
^As for the SuSE problem, I would not suggest that you deal with the files themselves. SuSE has YaST, which is great for adding and removing hardware, and much easier. (I'm assuming you used YaST to isntall it in the first place).

1) Fire up YaST
2) Navigate to the section for ethernet cards (Network Devices --> Network Cards; I think)
3) View the current configuration, and see if a card is installed and that it is your correct card.
4) If it is not installed, tell it to add a new card and hope it is detected properly. If it is installed, make sure that a) your networking is set up correctly and b) the card actually works.

nitesh wrote:
Actually there are antiviruses for linux too ... but u hardly need them !

I use them mostly for getting rid of windows viruses on other computers.
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