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What do you center your life around?

S3nd K3ys
Each one of us has one thing that is most important to us, one thing that defines us.

Family, Friends, Sex, Yourself, Money, Religion, Frihost, Sports?

Mine is definetly my family (kids and wife, in that order).

(and none of this BS about being myself and having fun, because there's nothing glorified or prestegious about being self-centered and egotistical.)
for me is travel
sex Cool
Religion. To me, it kind of covers all those other things and puts them in perpective: it touches on family, friends, sex, education, etc...
Friends. That includes some family and, of course, my wife. Simply being bound by blood doesn't seem that important to me.

But why exclude those who claim "myself". Surely there are people who honestly live that way. We've all met them. Is travel, money or, for that matter, friends, that glorified or prestigious? I say show your colors! If you are a self-centered egotistical fun seeker, tell the world! Or at least us. Wink
I base my life around experiences, and in that my career comes first. Then my friends take a very close second. Plus, if my friends are involved in my career it makes it that much mroe juicy.
My Girlfriend. Without her I woulnd't have a life to center.
friends, family and religion.... alll are extremely imp to me... i cant imagine my life without them
Living sincerely, avoiding regrets, and experiencing what comes as a result.
1. My lovely family
2. My precious computer
3. Friends
4. Job
religion ...

it keeps me focused on life in a bigger picture
Definitely my children and my wife, in that order as has been said. They are my entire world and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them.
Jesus. I mean, he lived a perfect life, and though none of us are perfect and could ever BE perfect, it's the perfect goal to aim for, as, so long as we're striving to live like Jesus did, and like God wants us to, we're living a good life. Obviously an arguable statement; seeing as many of you here are not of the Christian faith.

The pinnacle of my existance is based on finding the ultimate happiness through release of my soul. Similarly to some of you, I see religion as one way to do this, particularly the singing portions of it. However, I have found it too limited for any means of exoneration to dedicate my life to and therefore rarely pursue it. I have, instead, become an adrenaline junky of sorts, aiming for various forms speed, flight, and other freeings of the body. I spend many moments residing in nature for the peacefulness it provides because, in some way, it frees me as well. Furthermore, I make the best of any situation by searching myself for a feeling of relaxation derived from the simple pleasures of the moment. Through these ways and others of achieving contentment, I am able to enjoy life by realizing that there is a solution to any of my problems, which brings the happiness my life hinges on.
it's computers and programming fer me Very Happy
1. Friends/Family
2. Going out and having fun
3. Travel
4. Computing
5. Study (ok well this does come top during coursework or exams and is also computig study)
Unfortunately, my life is (and almost always has been) centered around school. I'd love to say that the most important thing for me are my friends, family, or even my art or music, but the truth is that they're not. Everything that should be important is always getting pushed aside so that I could study or finish homework. I even bring my homework to band practice, showing just how much of a hold college has on my life. It's depressing, but I feel that I don't have a choice.
I center my life around my family, my friends and my religion.
One thing: creativity.

For me life is making something new... a peice of art in many forms generally for me. The best feeling is to get a new canvas, timeline, photoshop document, or code space... to me the potential is endless. I love working really hard on something in all it's complexities and learning something new in the process, and to have one output... whether it's a film, a peice of music, artwork or whatever it is one perfected peice to be proud of.

Anyway that's my contribution.

Very Happy
For me, my life currently revolves around the following :

- School
- My job
- My car
- My computers
- My website
- My 2 cats
- My friends
- My family

(Not in that particular order though, they're all equally important).

Certainly this will change as I get other things in my life (girlfriend, which may possibly lead into a marriage and kids), but the list above is only for right now.

- Mike.
meet in rio
Saturday night?

Honestly, I'm not really sure.

Family: I don't live at home so it's not my family.
Friends: I've not known my uni friends long enough for them to be the centre of my world (although my old friends certainly were).
Sex: I suppose, biologically, our entire lives revolve around reproduction!
Yourself: I'm a teenager, what do you expect?! Rolling Eyes
Money: Hardly think about it.
Religion: I'm exploring it quite consciously now. I suppose I think about it more than anything at the moment.
Frihost: Well, my 'internet life' is sadly quite importatnt to me.
Sports: LOL.

...and I've always been a bit lazy when it comes to work, so it's not that.

"Extreme team"?.....hmmm...maybe they will let me in, the mean team doesn't want me...

tidrug wrote:

no.....your over qaulified.

Go figure Exclamation

Vrythramax wrote:

"Extreme team"?.....hmmm...maybe they will let me in, the mean team doesn't want me...

Sure, go on ahead and join, since I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one here who has that written in a signature. (Many apologies, off-topic).

- Mike.
For me its my girl, computers and my job.(enough i think)
I'm a teenaged girl. We are well knwon for being self-centered and I won't deny it. "Me" is a big part of my life. And as far as how I conduct myself, that would be the influence of trying to achieve combined with the influence of my friends.
definitely my girlfriend. I wouldn't know what i'd do if I didn't have my girlfriend with me
brilliantbeauty wrote:
I'm a teenaged girl. We are well knwon for being self-centered and I won't deny it. "Me" is a big part of my life. And as far as how I conduct myself, that would be the influence of trying to achieve combined with the influence of my friends.

hmmm...real there's a concept that escapes most adults.

Well spoken brilliantbeauty!!

Cudos. Applause
Well, at the minute, rather embarrassing, I guess...

My life revolves around computer, and I should really cut down,...

My girl and my job,she is the center of my life in this moment.Everyday I do lot of things with her and my job because without it i could not earn money.
Sports pretty much... I lift weights 4 times a week, and I do that to support my acrobatic sport which I train once or twice a week. I also eat for function, so only healthy foods and stuff come in my mouth.

I also have a girlfriend, which I am around with every day. She is very important to me as well and supports me in my sports Very Happy
My girlfriend and my job in that order.
Temple Of Wisdom
family, friends, school, work, and computer gaming (Guild Wars)
im a flight attendant, so my life is usually living out of a suit case, visiting state to state, and then eventually trying to catch up with my family and friends on my time off - if im lucky, and not tired enough, i usually go out and share pretty big nights with my closest frineds.
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