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True Innocents: Learning to Ride

S3nd K3ys
On his blog, S3nd K3ys wrote:
Learning to ride

Both my sons love wheels. Anyting + wheels = fun. Cz has had a 2 wheel bicycle for somewhere around 2 years. (He’ll be 4 in December). Up until about 3 months ago, he’s had training wheels. They’re broken now, so I took them off. (If you’ve ever seen Cz ride, you’ll know why they’re broken.)

Cz spent most time on the quad or jeep since then, but about once a week he’d push himself around the patio on his bicyle. For the last couple weeks, he’s been spending more and more time on the track out in the yard with his bicycle, coasting down the hilly parts then pushing it back up towards the top. So much so that I’ve been taking my bicycle out there with him to be with and encourage him. I (finally) convinced him to put his feet on the peddles while he’s going down the hill. Within a day of then, he has started peddling while coasting, then peddling down the straight part, ending up about half way along the back straight.

Last weekend we were camping at San Mateo with the two cousins, (twins, aged eight) and their parents. They brought their bikes, as did Cz and I. I was getting frustrated with them because they always ended up accross the road, and in a field with a small incline and a gutter type ditch which the twins were riding in. Cz kept following.

As much as I tried to stop them, the twins kept going over there and Cz (usually) followed. At times I would see Cz sitting on his bike across the road, looking at the field, watching the cousins ride. I went over, and we tried to encourage him to peddle down the hill, and he eventually did. With practice, he quicly learned how to position the peddles properly and take off from a standing start without having to be rolling.

So now I can honestly and proudly say my 3 year old can ride a bike without training wheels. And it was largly NOT because I pushed him to do it, he did most it on his own because HE wanted to. If only I could convince him that the elbow pads and knee pads are just as important as the helmet.
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