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Mouth Ulcers - Pain - Help!!!

Hi all,

I get apthus mouth ulcers, which means lots of them all the time!

I have tried everything to help get rid of them faster, but so far nothing has worked faster than time.

I have noticed by keeping my mouth full of water it helps relieve the pain but does not get rid of them.

you all come for all over the world, does anyone know of any treatments they have heard of that my get rid of or treat mouth ulcers. (and please dont say salty water)
Usually mouth ulcers are gone by applying candid mouth paint,half hourly, if needed. But if you wish u may take some metronidazole 400 mg and ciprofloxacine 500 mg bd or tid. But then, u must consult some surgical expert for exact diagnosis.
ouch i feel your pain! i have bracers on my teeth so i reguarly get them to. If you have bracers you can put wax over the metal bits to stop the rubbing. Also if you dont i use this 'lotion' called bonjella. It's this clear jelly stuff that you apply onto the actuall ulcer and it numbs it so you can no longer feel it. If you cant find this then ide just suggest keeping away from anything containing tomatoes!!! OUCH!
the best stuff i have found to help ulcers is kenalog. Its a steroid in a paste form. It kind of helps for two reasons the obvious steroidal side of things helps the skin to heal, but it also is kind of thick and goey and gives a protective layer for the ulcer to heal underneath.

i dont think u need a script for it either
Yah i use kenalog at the moment, but it still takes a couple of days to work, i use orabase to seal the ones on my cheaks. but the real killer is the ones i get on my tounge.

i cant seal these with anything, and they hurt like hell
Why not try & solve the cure & not the effect? Make sure you have a good diet & get enough sleep.
h3x-RS- wrote:
Why not try & solve the cure & not the effect? Make sure you have a good diet & get enough sleep.

Precisely -- you need to address the cause. Mouth ulcers can be caused by poor hygiene (brush your teeth more, etc.), by a bad immune system, by connective tissue diseases, by certain medications and by abrasive things like dentures or braces.

bambholebaba mentioned creams that treat Candida albicans, a fungus that can grow in your mouth, but it is unlikely that you have this unless you have something wrong with your immune system.

I would see a general doctor (not a surgeon, who will be like, "why are you here? you could just go see a regular family doc...") if the ulcers are not from anything other than poor hygiene or something directly cutting the inside of your mouth.

As for what to do about them in the meantime, those over the counter gels are among the best offerings, but how about this (and yes, you may cringe as you read this...): mouthwash. Be sure to dilute it with some water (maybe a tablespoon of mouthwash with a tablespoon of water). It will burn. You will cry. But that minty numbness will feel good for much longer than a rinse with plain water will and it will help sanitize the ulcer to minimize the role bacteria and fungi play in prolonging the ulcer.

Also, how old are you? I used to get those as my wisdom teeth were coming in because they abraided the insides of my cheeks, etc. After I got my wisdom teeth taken out I was fine. If you are 18-24 and have not had your wisdom teeth taken out, that might be a cause.
h3x-RS- wrote:
Why not try & solve the cure & not the effect? Make sure you have a good diet & get enough sleep.

I also agree. I seem to get them only when haven't had much sleep, like when I get only 3 or 4 hours of sleep consecutively for a few days and then don't make up for it by sleeping longer hours later.

Sometimes when I feel one comming I'll sleep extra and sometimes they dissapear before they get to the stage where they hurt like crazy.
Placing PURE Ghee or PURE Coconut Oil will reduce the Pain. When you have Mouth Ulcer - Take stuffs like Butter Milk, Tender Coconut, etc which will make ur Body Condition, COOL.

Keep your Mouth Clean. Dont take sugar stuffs often during the time, when you have Mouth Ulcer. Even if you take, clean ur tounge and mouth.

Take a Spoon of PURE Coconut OIL / Cocount Products without Sugar/ Chilly / between regular Intervals.

PS - This is one of the Traditional Method - that is Used to overcome Mouth Ulcer and its Pain in Villages. Results may vary from Person to Person depending on his Body Condition. Please be advised that this is not an Recommendation or Prescription to mouth Ulcer - But just an Message.

Keep Smiling.
i also suffer from lots of mouth ulsers, i have found "ulser treatment sticks" they can only be bought in Boots as it's there own product and they hurt like crazy but make mouth ulsers heal much quiker than normal. thy cost around 7 but they work for me but unfortunatly only on ulsers that you can actully get to, i often get them in my throught which are imposible to reach. deffinatly worth a try! good luck!! Smile
There is a gel called bonjela which is used to cure mouth ulcer. I think you must have heard about it. It is a very popular remedy for mouth ulcer. Try it, it provides complete soothe from pain. When I use to get mouth ulcer I use to apply it.
Also I've found that gargling a solution of 50 percent water and 50 percent hydrogen peroxide helps them heal faster.
For several years, I have suffered alot from ulcers until I realised that the best solution is to watch my food and tooth paste!
This is usually called canker sore and they are usually caused by being allergic to some sorts of foods and chemicals used in most of the commercial tooth pastes. I have heared that you can reduce the the effect of canker sore by around 70% by just using herbal tooth paste that doesn't contain any chemicals.
For more information, do a google search for canker sore.
Have you tried the simplest and cheapest "solution"?

Dissolve 1 teaspoon of table salt and one of bicarb in half a glass of boiling water, let this cool down a bit and then rinse / gargle with it every 2 hours?
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1 vote for hydrogen peroxide. Just rinse with it a few times and you'll be good in a day or two.

You can pick it up at walmart. Don't use the stuff out of the chem lab Smile

Those things are so painful, the chem lab stuff might be a relief Smile Kidding.
propolis works really well.
Problem is that it is the worst pain in the world when you apply it.
does it work for those on the tongue as well? is it the same thing be it on the mouth, lips, tongue, gums, everyt?

jus got this ulcer look-alike thing under my tongue. when i put candid mouth paint on it, it gets quite painful. is it normal?

anyw, how do you actually use candid mouth paint? do you spit it out after applying? it taste really bad, even if it gets diluted by the saliva.

and anyway, should i be using mouthwash? i use listerine anyway. cos it cleans the mouth, but it can make it more painful as well.

is fruits advisable? cos citric acid can make it more pain too. haha

anyw... i dont really understand what are the things you all recommended. are they sold in singapore? cos many of the forummers i see around recommend stuff that can be found in walmart. -.-"

thks! Smile
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