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Radio Controlled toys, do you prefer electric or gas?

Just interested in what you think?

When it comes to Radio controlled toys such as cars, planes, heli... etc,

which do you prefer and why?, Electric? or Nitro (petrol/gas)?

I much prefer Electric as it is quick clean and easy, plus there are less restrictions on where you can fly them.

I find petrol engines messy, and fiddly.
For me, it depends on the type of vehicle. By this I mean that if I am playing radio controlled cars, then I prefer nitro. True, electric is clean and easy to maintain but nothing beats the excitement from the sound of engine. Its just awesome when you hear the engine roar and the car 'fly' by you.

When it comes to planes, I prefer electric. I guess when the bird is up flying, you can't hear the roaring sound that much, so I would go for cleanliness. And there is the issue of weight especially for small parkflyers where battery is lighter and quiet too when flying around the neighborhood.
I like electric for the same reasons: quick and easy. You never have to go out and buy electricity (well, batteries I suppose, but I think most remote control stuff is rechargeable), don't really have to maintain the stuff in the same way, and you still get to have all the little remote-control fun. By the time I'm flying gas powered mini-choppers, I'll just go out and fly the real thing.
I have two radio controlled planes, both with a gas-motor. I used to fly alot with them, but since my finger had a prop-strike I'm sort of done with it.
Luckily the motor was going stationary, or else I could'nt point my middle finger any more Confused. However, I'm planning to start flying again as soon as spring starts. At the moment I have a little electric plane, an Silverlit X-Twin. It is really fun, it weights only 26 grams and it's fully charged in a couple of minutes. I'm planning on buying a little Silverlit helicopter too, for the stormy days (keeps me away from my computer).
Electric - definitely electric. Why? I can power up my batteries before I drive out to a flying range. Then, when I'm flying my plane I can have the spare battery charging up in my car. It means no mess from fuel spillage and less stuff to carry around.
Michael Very Happy
Electric too. Nowadays batteries are getting more and more powerful and I think electric motors have a better relation power/weight than gas engines. Except maybe for formula 1 engines, but they are not toys (at least for me).
Actually, batteries and electric motors are becoming so powerful and small that some people are building BIG toys with them, like electric powered paragliders, that can carry a person. For more information:

Those machines are expensive now, but in a few years, with evolution of battery technology, they will become affordable.

I prefer electronics...

Is cleaner and I will consider the cost of maintaining it is lower...

But I think beginners should try out electronic's first~
i used to use both. I preferred the gas as they where faster but the eletric was a lot easier to fix and maintain.
I'd prefer electric too.

Gettting gas would be not as simple as getting batteries or charging them.

And I'd not open up a gas engine but would definitely do that with an electric one Laughing
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