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Eh, I think it was fairly predictable, and I think Cruise kinda sucked acting-wise, but that's just me. Everything else was sexy.
i dont think its very good.
I heard that the ending was incredibly stupid.
i heard from some that this movie is great and from some that its not so good.
do you recomand me to see this movie in the cinema or to see the fantastic four?

Definately go see it. Its a must see movie for summer 2005. Dark...scary...and awesome fx. Spielberg and Cruise work good together IMO. Some hate Some Love. But don't see it for cruise!!! See it for aliens........I mean what else is there to watch right now.....Fanatastic Four Rolling Eyes
ok thanks. i will defenetly go
I watched it in the cinema.
I think you can watch thid movie only for its trick effects Smile
But i think its really good.
But i dont understand the end.
I watched it in the cinema.
I think you can watch thid movie only for its trick effects Smile
But i think its really good.
But i dont understand the end.
I liked it.
The ending was a bit "iffy" but overall it was great.
I really liked the film, it was an awesome display of how technlolgy today can make movies really scary!

The audio was the thing that made it scary, I don't know if it was our particular movie theater but it was really loud, and that made it really scary!

It never lost a minute of action. I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie.

The ending wasn't really that hard to understand, you should see it agian just to see the ending, and listen carefully to what the man says.
nakamaru wrote:
I heard that the ending was incredibly stupid.

thats cos they wer trying to keep it real to the book

i think alot of people went into that movie thinking itd be a action filled movie with tom cruise playing a rebel leader against the aliens, or him at least personally shooting an alien, which he never does. wen this didnt happen i think people wer disappointed

i personally think though the movie was a little good, though not really my taste since i like those action filled ones like lotr
It is a great movie,

but the story line is kinda old and used trillion times in older movies..

well, if steven spilberg made the movie.. it explains everything.
but the story line is kinda old and used trillion times in older movies..

first of all its based on a classic book of course certian aspects of it would have shown up in other movies.

i went and watched it in the theaters
but yah it was an awesome movie...and was about to go on my list of movies that were gonna be bought when they come out, till the very ending which was very disapionting. but i think i would have been cool if they showed more fights between the humans and aleins.
I loved it, it kept me on my seat throughout most of it. And damn were the special effects just incredible. But i like it. And for the guys that dont understand the ending, read below.

Spoiler Warning!!! I think...

Mainly the reason why the aliens died, in my opinion, was because they werent immune to all the deadly diseases in the world. Since we have been here for thousands of years, our bodies have evolved and become immune to all these diseases we have forgotten. That's my opinion though. Could be something more scientific. Wink
Nirotu i dont think thats the ending every one is talking about, its the ending where they all go to toms ex wifes house and they where all fine like they didnt know that the war was gonig on and they where just siping tea the whole time, and then when that boy did acctually survive. thats the ending people are talking about not the one about the aleins dieing for a lack of inunity to or deiseses
Ending sucks , its realy stupid.
No way to watch it again.
I enjoyed it. I havent had a chance to see the orginal make of the movie but i heard this version was real faithfull to the origonal movie.

The graphics throught the move where beuatiful, and is pretty much worth seeing it for that alone. i am looking forward to seeing, and hoping, the dvd special fetures will cover how the put together the visuals.

The ending realy didnt bother me but I am getting kinda tired of all these "happy" endinging, i want to see a movie where in the end mankind is basically doomed.

i think it is a good one but i didnt understand the ending
The starting was crap, but then gradually it got good, its not better than matrix though lol, I know you can't compare it, but matrix is the best film ever......the war of the worlds characters didn't match the actors........such as tom cruise and stuff
the matrix 1 was good but they gradually got worse
Yeah, I think everybody noticed that, they shouldn't have killed trinity and Neo, I know that sounds like, Neo does everything and saves the day without dying, and it may seem boring, but to tell you the truth, then it wuld've been a mystery of what happened after the war....
summitdrive wrote:

lol SPAM I never heard it I heard it was a good movie and from the previews that I saw It looked like a good movie.
Ok,I like it.
Hmm how did we go from war of the worlds to the matrix?
It's a good movie, I must say. But the ending was kind of fast. I didn't truly understand the whole thing. Well, it's a great movie and Tom Cruise is one of my favorite acters! (My fav actress is Hilary Duff!!!! ^_^)
You know what?
Spoiler Alert

- They don't show how the shields of the aliens suddenly wore off all of the sudden.. they missout on that one..

- How did Roby lived through the warfield and came to Boston first?

Overall, it was a nice suspensing movie.
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