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what is the easy way to burn many MPEG into a single VCD

i have a lot MPEG files that i want to burn into a VCD that only can contain 700 MB,
if i burn it one by one without compress it, then it would need a lot VCD Blank, and if i don;t convert this MPEG files to DAT files, my VCD Player won;t be able to play the VCD.

the question, is some here know what kind software to burn a many and a lot MPEG / AVI Files into a single VCD ? of course with very fast and good encoder also.

thanks, Embarassed
It's not possible to do this without sacrificing a large amount of quality. A typical "decent quality" DivX file (mpeg4 - higher quality than mpeg1 used for VCDs) of approx 90-120 mins will take 700Mb. Reducing this to (say) 100Mb would leave the video virtually un-watchable and the sound would be extremely low quality too. It may actually be possible, but it's not recommended - the output would not be worth watching.
without re-encoding, which will cause you to lose some quality, you can use dvdlab to put 3 or more mpgs onto one dvd.
it's worth it to upgrade to a dvd burner, since blank dvdr's are about 20 cents a disk nowadays, almost as cheap as cdr's, but with more than 6x the storage capacity.
well unfortunately u can comprese... but i have my doubt that ur VCD player wont be able to play compres files... and comrasing VCD will lose quality... best is to bun in DVD with Nero...

As other's have said, DVD is really the way to go here. The burners are cheap now (you can easily get one under $80), the media is even cheaper than CDRs in my area, plus you can usually fit about 6 full length movies in AVI format on one dvd with great quality.
is then, if i burn into dvd, is there a good software to burn about 25 MPEG Files and decode that files to VOB *Dvd player format* ?
I use Pinnacle. Add all the movies to one project and burn. I suspect it should be the same for most of the Video Editing softwares.
I prefer TMPGEncoder Suite but it has a bit of a learning curve involved (I still dont use most of it's features) but it can encode, author and burn dvd movies with great quality.

Also for video information I always recommend
Great site with info on everything video.

Heard Pinnacle (as mentioned above) was decent as well though I have never even seen that one.
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