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Best UK Broadband ISP

Hi all,
I was just wondering if you people could give me your valuable opinions on which is the best ISP in the UK, I have just finished one contract and moved house. What I am particularly looking for is a truly unlimited service, without any "fair use" restrictions which is reliable, and at a low price for either 1mb or 2mb use. I am not interested in their support services, as I hate to use telephone support, so really it is just down to speed, reliability and price. I am not bothered if they provide a modem or not, I have one anyway, but a free one is a bonus, and I am not in any cable area, so it has to be a BT standard line ISP.

I look forward to all your opinions.
I like Virgin: good service, promt responce to all your queries. But more important no 12 month contract, so no ties, besides They like keeping you so if you want a free upgrade or something just thretened them to live. BT is alright too, may be not the chapestone but still ok.
If you have a BT line, try TalkTalk (Carphone Warehouse).
They are advertising free broadband.
I am currently using Pipex and find them to be very good i have never experienced any downtime the speed is always consistant, and customer services have always been very helpul (although i have not had that many dealings with them)

One of my mates at work has Bulldog and he has had loads of porblems with them, cutting him off, no internet access at all somtimes! he says the customer services are awful and never seem to resolve anything. This is only what i am told so cannot vouch for this.

Your best bet to get a clearer view of different providers would be to check out ADSL guide, it is an independant review website for all your ADSL/Broadband questions. You can find it here:-

Hope this helps

I was asked to help a friend who signed up with TalkTalk the other day.
I tried to install as the cd said, but when it does a check of:
PC to modem = OK
Modem to Internet = FAIL!

He whent back to Carphone Warehouse and they sent him a completly new modem kit and assure him that his BT line was OK to go, this is his first ISP so no need for migration number (MAC).

Tried the second modem and cables, still no luck.
Phoned their help line and (after 10 minutes) they said he was on alist to be connected in about a weeks time!

They also said it wasn't their fault but BT because they were upgrading the exchange to 8Meg!

Could be just they have been swamed with everyone wanting free broad band.
I use Demon and they seem to provide a rock solid service! Havent had any downtime since i can remember now and speed is always very good. they are not the cheepest at 19.99 a month, but like i said the service is solid, and it is also fully unlimited, so you can download as much as you like!
have to say virgin aswell ok not the cheapest around at 24.99 but i have no
download limits pluss as allready said no 12 month contract just give them a
month's notice have to say i have had no prob's with them at all pluss they upgraded me free to 8meg the only downside to virgin is you have to pay a premium phone number for support but via email is free and fast
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