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How Can I learn Linux System

I want to use Linux my computer so Are You Recommend me .. Programs , Books etc. ?
THanks Idea
The best way is to use it yourself.

You can get numerous tutorials online, google for it.

The best place to start with is TLDP
You can try one of Live CD distributions before any installation on harddisk, just to get a feeling. And once more again - use search. The forum has alot of "linux for newbie" topics.
Just use it. Force to do something on it, listen music, play movie, write an article, play game, post a topic on frihost ...

I am using debian linux now. I use firefox under it to post this topic Smile
Get Ubuntu 6.06 DVD. U can use it as Live DVD as well as u can use it as installation version.
Fedora 5 is also useful. To learn Linux use VTC tutorial (
another linux live cd/dvd ist knoppix. it is more common for german users but there are english versions availible too.

such live cds/dvds are the best way to get in contact with linux because installation can make troubles sometimes. on such a live cd you have nearly every software you will need. suse has released live cds and also free distributions too. the installation is very easy (more easier than windows !!). but it is sometimes better if you backup all your windows stuff.

i got much good expiriences in the last weeks myself. under windows several stuff did not work. in linux - no problem Smile

one tipp: search for something like "session saving". normally everything you made with a live cd is lost after reboot. with this session save you can bring back your setting and stuff!
{name here}

Go to the newbies section and go to the freebsd handbook. Then, go to the Unix basics section. FreeBSD has supposedly has a pretty good one. Even though I use it I haven't paid attention to read the entire manual. Embarassed
I recommend ubuntu....get it you may frequently use commands if you want to feel and see how linux is structured, so, maybe get gentoo.....There are many books and tutorials in web..just search in.
Thank you thats great...
Linux is a very good and a very easy operating system to learn.
The best place is to search in google.
Also if u have the GUI version then it is very easy will be similar to windows.
If u want any other softwares for example to play music etc in linux u can search for them in google and u can download and install them. That is also very easy to do.
I recommend live cd too. because you are free to try anything and won't lose a thing.
Live CD is very good idea to learn Linux. One example of Live CD is Ubuntu's Desktop CD that allows you to try Ubuntu and when you want to use it without CD, just click "Install" icon on he desktop and in few minutes you have same OS (and "save-on-the-HD" functions) on your hard disk drive.
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