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Turn your PC into... what?

Its easy to turn your PC into multimedia center with remote control.
You can wach TV, Video, play music, radio, watch pictures.

What other applications are possible for PC with Remote control?
Everything is possible Smile
Seriously, if you have the money, you can make your house fly using a remote control. It really depends on your budget.
Yes i know, but please give us some real examples. Maybe someone of us will find some very usefull for him.
Well, you can use the PC as a light control system, for example.
You can use a remote to turn on lights around the house.
This is quite easy to build actually Smile

Uhh... don't know. I'm very bad at coming up with good ideas ^^
If you had some programming knowledge you could write a program to interpret the IR signal from the remote and control the basic functions of your house VIA either USB port or Serial port. You could control the Air Conditioning system for one, You could use it to monitor a security system you have setup in your house, you could have it open the blinds at a certain time of the day or if you rigged it with light detecting resistors you could tell it to automatically open the blinds if a certain amount of light is getting to the light detecting resistor. There are all sorts of possibilities for home automation with today's computers.
It would be easier to use the parallel port than the serial port, it is supposedly really easy to work with.

How about a server that hosts all your movies? With multiple capture cards, you could use it as a cable box to play the same movie on any tv, so you can move from room to room doing whatever you need to do while watching a movie.

Also, a security system would be easy to set up with some cheap USB cameras and some software that records when the motion is above a certain threshold...

The possibilities are endless, just be creative...
...I really like that tv idea...I'll have to remember that when i have a house with more than one tv in it Razz
Meh, I have 3 TVs in my dorm Cool


I don't even think 3 people could fit in here though, I don't have any room left.
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