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Does anybody play CS1.6?

Does anybody play CS1.6?

If so....

What Clan are you in?
What league are you in? (if any)
Favourite Weapon?
Favourite Map?
I didn't play it.Does anybody play CS1.6? I don't know. Surprised Do you like game CS1.6? Cool
I play cs 1.6

I think its much more challenging then source since there is more players on 1.6. Im in a clan called Godz with Gunz and im buying a server. My favorite wepon is the m4a1 and the ak47. My favorite pistol is the glock since its got burst fire and that its the only pistol i actualy can play with in 1.6. Im usualy a t for the ak47 since its a 1 kill headshot gun with more range than a m4a1. I like their warcraft mods but it sucks when you just start and their are people that have high level characters and you get owned since you cant see them when they have invisibility. Im am thinking of going into CAL with my clan in 1.6 but i might just stick with source.
I've been playing Counterstrike since 2001 and still play everyday Very Happy. I'm clanless right now and not even looking for a clan since I'm in college now, I don't really have too much free time to scrim and participate in CAL matches. I get kicked/banned from pretty much every server I go in that has an admin around for my nonexistent hacks/aimbots. I was CAL-M for season 10-11 but for now I stick with pubbing since I don't have too much free time.
Cs is kinda cool. Playing it with your friends and forming team spirit is what I enjoyed most. Of course, don't forget about pawning them and getting off a few headshot. Cool
yes I play this game but I like Counter Strike Source alot more. I like having nice graphics and it has the same exact maps as CS 1.6 so since I was not a big CS player before CS:S was made I like the new one more.
From ovau:
Bit-Tech report on the declining state of Counter-Strike, still a hugely popular game after so many years. Valve's answer has been to update CS:S and leave 1.6 alone, try to improve gameplay and the like. We take a look at how successful those changes in recent months have been on the next page.
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