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Flight Sim Fans - What's essencial in a Joystick?

I'm searching around about joystick and get several models whit different features and (obviosly) prices, so i'm willing why not ask the professionals...

What's essencial in a Joystick?
For me, I think it's much easier to use in stead of the keyboard.
I don't know for new simulators, but once upon a time when you pulled back for taking off (with the arrow keys) you needed to level it off yourself by using the upper arrow.
You get what I mean?
Now that's why I bought a Joystick.
Besides, a joystick doesn't cost that much money, but if you buy one, I suggest you buy a 'force feedback', it just adds that little extra realism in it.
Here's my list:

    Twist Axis
    No Spring for the X-Y axis
    Smooth throttle
    Convenient Button Placement
    Good reviews
    Comfortable in your lap (wide base)
A good joystick....hmm

It should have,

Force Feedback
Snugly fit on the base where you are playing
A lot of buttons
Minimum 5 Years warranty Laughing
Pyro Man
i play fs2004 on a laptop on the keyboard with NO NUMPAD Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad
Playing a flight simulatur without a joy stick? Shocked
That must be like playing football with a bowling ball, painfull and not very fun. Razz
A joy stick does not only give you better controll - if you have a joy stick with force feedback you will be able to sence each windblow and so on that hits the plane. It really adds a lot to the reallity and feeling of the game.

I still use my old MS precision pro 2.

No force feedback but it has all the necessary features that I would want, plenty extre buttons, buttons conveniently placed, throttle, twist axis and it still works after 5 years (suprising for micro$oft stuff), though i haven't bought flight sims in a while.
Well, the best I've had is called Sidewinder X400, it has loads of features, around $30 i think, but I need to find the box to tell you the specific details, I'll find and post them! Smile
Cal_123 wrote:
Well, the best I've had is called Sidewinder X400, it has loads of features, around $30 i think, but I need to find the box to tell you the specific details, I'll find and post them! Smile

I used to have a sidewinder as well, but that broke. I'm now down to my wingman. I think I would have to say the sidewinder was my favorite for FS2004, and the force feedback was really neat. Also, the Z (twist) axis on my wingman is messed up some how making rudder controll very difficult. Oh yeah, this reminds me of another thing, make sure you're joy stick has both a throttle lever and a twist axis for rudder controll.
I have one suggestion - feel the joystick before you buy it. Make sure it is comfortable. The one I have does not go back to its neutral position very well. That is, it has a slight amount of give and tolerance to move within it's center position. This can make straight and level flight difficult as you have to make constant minor adjustments. Find one the rests rigidly in it's centered position.

A Throttle lever is also great. And a twist handle (for rudder).
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