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Utopia GFR
Hi, this is my very first poem I wrote 5 years ago, enjoy!

Metaphoric Feelings

Every night, always this strange feeling;
Swelling, getting bigger, collapsing my universe of disbelief;
The trees of my rational entities feed;
The greed and lust of my inner satisfaction;
My emotions can't be controlled and the feelings are getting bigger;
Greater, deeper than any word could express;
The madness in me I cannot describe;
Flows, carrying along a river of teardrops;
I can't withhold my tears from crying;
And the same old feelings are still getting bigger;
And stronger for the eternity of life;
I love you.

Ray Laurens

Copyright 2005 Ray Laurens.
Greater, deeper than any word could express

And stronger for the eternity of life;

your first poem so warmly ...

are this feeling still inside you from 5 years ago Wink

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Utopia GFR
Hey Smile

Well, quite frankly, my feelings regarding this poem have disappeared because the person I wrote these lines for has a boyfriend Crying or Very sad

Now, the funny thing about this poem is that I never met the girl I dedicated it to.

Just as many people in the cyberworld (I guess), individuals like you and me fall easily in love with so called "E-Partners" making them believe impossible things.

As a matter of fact, the Internet can break space and time but not substitute real love purposes especially when the two concerned partners live for instance in Belgium and in Monterrey (Mexico).

Some dreams may never come true *sigh*
Utopia GFR
This is a second poem I was able to write in my free time, enjoy!

The Mirror Of Life

He stood around waiting for the 24 hour candles to blow out
Wandering his mind throughout the walls of the secluded space
He felt trapped in the whirling motion of materialistic air
While expecting the ordeal of impatience to disappear
A treacly vision of a mirror image flattered his eyes
The three-dimensional glazed character had been eyeing him up
When the bewitching object decided to break up the quietness
My dearest of all, murmured the living glazed creature
I am the mirror of life, get through me and you will see
Petrified by the unbelievable happening, the man stood still
He could see the red carpet building up in an amazing way
A magical pathway to a fairy tale destination
He starded to plod along the enlightened lane
A fall into empty space, no reflections, it had no face
Leading his illusory well of expectations to a clouded dream
Again, the bell of entreaties rang feebly, come closer and hear
Your eyes are the mirror of your soul
Share a tear and you will see the meaning of life
He cried a water pond of all his redeeming sins
Then he saw...the reflecting God in glass composition.

Ray Laurens

Copyright 2005 Ray Laurens.
Utopia GFR
Here is a third poem I wrote back in my college days when I used to wear a Mohican like haircut dyed in red, yellow and light brown Very Happy

The explicit message of this poem (highly metaphorical) is to make people aware about how they behave when they face eccentric indviduals Very Happy


Man ambling along some scorched-earth path;
Unwavering streams of colourful retinae;
Those bees keep on buzzing out of their houses;
Holding twee conversations on that queer fish;
His red mane glowing in the cold light of the morning;
Relentlessly swinging like a horse's tail;
Feels the soiled social smell torching his mind;
A symbolic red stain dappled the ground;
He laughs;
Stacks of likewise monkeys bypassing his way;
Are nothing but features contorted with hartred;
Soon, this torture will end;
Their souls swept along by the wind;
No more thundering eyeballs and jittery laughs;
Only but his very own paradise in Utopia;
That man is me.
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