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psychology + everyday life = hobby

are there any frihosters out there who observe other people's characteristics as an hobby? Like, I personally enjoy watching other people communicating to each other and reacting to certain things. From time to time I also practice what i've learned on friends and people who i know, for example I sometimes use reverse psychology to motivate one of my friends who goes to university, I tell him to quit and how i'm earning money and he's getting himself into debt, he fights back with appropriate reasons and realises why he's studying in the first place and gets motivated (only during fewer times have I been thanked for these kinds of help).
Erridan the enchanter
Hmmm, never thought of motivation....

But i watch the way people act and react. I watch the way people react to certian personallity types and such. I observe habits of people and i can recognize those habits in other people. I do it to learn advantages in case i need to take them as well as patterns that people fall into so if i need to i can confuse them.
I enjoy reading people's gesture when I'm setting on a bench when I'm in a park... Though I'm not a psychologist, I'm enjoying its part--it's nice!
i guess anyone who manipulates someone else uses some sort of psychology method, like more and more people use psychology it's just that they don't realise it. Like i'm a full-time worker and there are lots of manipulation happening in a single work day (you wouldn't believe it).

I'm also wondering if anyone has been in a situation where they've been in a group of people who pretend to be nice and happy but the really they're sad or cranky people.

I have proven this fact over and over during my lifetime since for some reason i'm a "professional" when it comes to pissing people off and i come close to braking them sometimes, these people who i've pushed to the edge are actually considered to be really nice people who are thought of being allways happy and smiling.

On the other side of things, i guess i understand why they pretend to be happy, like if you pretend to be allways long enough you usually end up believing that you are happy therefor you do become happy even if your not.

It's weird how to human mind works, i'm happy right now because i feel like i have a better understanding on how the mind works then the "average joe".
I've never really done it unless its like, look at that weird guy which is kind of more like judging.
I like observe people as well, but never manipulate or use what I learn on "reverse psycology" thingy...

The most I do with these observation is to remind myself on how to intereact with that person or to analyze his emotions, thoughts...maybe also avoid picking his/her panic button...
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