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Tonights football

England didnt play well today,too many key players not really on their game,like rooney and gerrard,and carrick,im not really sure what his role was in the team as he was almost anonymous,im guessing he was filling the hargreaves role of defensive midfielder,but whereas hargreaves gets involved and mixes it up,carrick was nowhere to be seen and rarely ventured across the halfway line.

Having said that they got into some good sintuations and had chances to win the game,but it seemed it was just one of them days,for me englands best player again was peter crouch,his hold up play and distribution was excellent and he was unlucky in front of goal a few times. After this draw its important they get a least a draw in croatia.

Scotland pulled off the suprise of the day beating France,which means they have now won 3 out of 3,which puts them in a good position for the first time in many years to qualify from what is one of the toughest groups.

Wales losing 5-1 at home to Slovakia have blown any chances of qualification,likewise Republic of ireland losing 5-2 to Cyprus.
Yea... today we had a lot of suprises in the Euro 2008 qualifications.

Macedonia held Draw from England in England, and that is amazy surprise.
Scotland won France... surprise to, But I think that France gonna win her in France home.

To many surprises in that round, and nice football:)

Hope there will be more matches like in this round.
The EURO 2008 Qualifiers are getting really interesting now. Ireland lost to Cyprus, England were held to a draw by Macedonia at Old Trafford and France lost to Scotland. What's next ??
I didn't see England played but heard that they're terrible. I still think it is a mistake of abandoning Beckham. At least Beckham could still use his crosses to find a target. I feel the importance of Beckham to the England team even more after the 20 world cup. I can't imagine how England would go about scoring when facing other stronger teams. Let's see what they could do next game without Gerrard, hope they can come up with something good by that time.
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