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LG Monitor Problem

i have an LG Studioworks 452V and im having some problems with it. in the beginning it was a small problem. sometimes i noticed that for no reason the screen became dark. after a light tap on the monitor's side the display became normal. this continued for a couple of weeks. i figured that it was due to some bad solder joint so it wasnt such a big problem.

but then one day i turned on the monitor and the screen was all colorfull. at first i thought that i might have changed the wallpaper but then i noticed that there was some problem with the monitor. the colors on the edges were all mixed up; blue became green, red became purple and so on. but this was only on the edges. and one thing more, the pattern looked like it was because of the speakers that are placed with the monitor. the speakers that i have are zoltrix ZX-75 and are placed 1.5 feet away from the mointor. the reason i think that the pattern is because of the speakers is that my headphones are on one of the speakers. and the pattern on that side is bigger than the pattern on the other side.

well my question is that what is this problem. and is it repairable or do i have to get a new monitor?
Check you cable which connects it with the Vide Card. I had a simillar problem and it appeared that my cable was not very well. I've changed the cable and everything was allright.
Other reason might be something withb the drivers. But if you have these problems when in BIOS for example there are 2 opportunities:
1. the cable
2. something is wrong with the monitor
Go to a friend's house to connect to another monitor (to see if the problem is with the monitor). The cable is also a possibility (perhaps with moving the cable a little can show that the problem is withthe cable).
I had a problem with my portable PC monitor (varied colored lines) and this was solved by Fujitsu by installing another monitor. Glad the product was still warranty-available.
This could be due to the cable. Adjusting the cable repeatedly can solve the problem most of the time. If the monitor is old, this is quite inevitable. How old is your monitor? Perhaps it may be nearing its lifespan. Tapping your monitor will become more frequent. The cathode may even loose one of its ray tubes (is it a CRT or TFT? I assume it's a CRT) and display a shade of blue, yellow etc.

the rainbow shades on the corner of the monitor can be removed most of the time by degausing your monitor (in your monitor menu options).

IMHO i prefer Samsung to LG. LG CRT monitors can have quite high static feedback. one of the LG monitors in my office can hold a thin notepad on the screen through static feed. A few has since kicked the bucket within 2-3 years of usage.

some electrical components can also cause the monitor to flicker when placed too close to the monitor. This can eventually damage your monitor. Observe if your monitor is vibrating at the edges by moving the speakers next and away from your monitor. If it's vibrating lightly, place them further.

You could try this monitor repair forum if needed at :
LG is not reliable... But has a good cost-benefit.
i am using LG it is being good, till now it is working properly...
Prabhu Raj
LG or Samsung. It doesnt make a difference. Coz they both dont have a monitor manifacturing unit.

This is not a topic to discuss which is a better monitor. Please stick to the topic.

From the topic creators description, there are 4 possible causes for this issue.

1. Monitor board problem.

2. Monitor Picture tube problem.

3. Monitor Data cable problem.

4. display adaptor problem.

To check just connect your base unit to another working monitor and check if it is working properly.

If it works then ask a trained monitor person to fix the monitor.

If it is not working then replace your display adaptor or motherboard.
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