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About metal and rock

Hey all

If you dont like metal and rock music try it with headphones high-volume
or 5+1 with bass..

Well it wasnt giving a taste
i increased volume and used headphones.
it gave.
Subsonic Sound
It's true that it's definitely a genre that benefits from volume. Not all of rock, but quite a bit of it is about power, and the power is lost listening quietly.

That said though, I'm going to have to be the boring one and advise against spending too much time with the headphones TOO loud. The ears can adjust in the short term, but in the long term they can become permanently damaged.

As a general rule, try pausing the music. Wait a while somewhere quiet, let your ears get back to normal. Then hit play - if the music starting so loud so suddenly hurts your ears, it's too loud. You've just got to find the comfort level.

I know, I know, it's not very rock and roll, but not everything that's rock and roll is really a good thing. Heroin overdoses, for instance. Permanent deafness, for instance. I've got to take an interest in this kind of thing, since I rely on my sense of hearing for a living. Smile
Haha, it's always full volume with a full bass boost on my 2 woofers Very Happy
That's the whole fun watching your neighbours trying to break your door and stab you Laughing

(BTW, I listen to black metal, most of the time Wink )
Subsonic Sound
Black Metal's definitely one that needs volume. But I find quite often with the more inaccessible strains of Metal that with no break from the constant, and rather formulaic volume, it just becomes background noise. Loud has no meaning if you can't contrast it against quiet.

That's why I like Opeth, they can throw out these awesome jazzy/progressive interludes, with melodic singing and undistorted guitar, before throwing in heavy sections which are all the more powerful for their juxtaposition with the quieter elements.
In the end it's a matter of taste Wink

(I also like Opeth, btw. Great band.)
Subsonic Sound
I caught them live at the Download festival this year. Incredible show - the live version of The Grand Conjuration was stunning. Smile
*sigh*, they performed here in Israel, but I missed that show Sad
Oh well, maybe they'll come again Smile

Anyway, lets get back to subject now Wink
When I need more volume, I would like to try this...

I'd like to try that if I want a huge electricity bill Very Happy
Well rock and metal is good no matter what your equalizer settings or volume. Sure its better with high treble and bass... but none the less.. it will always be good!
Sickness wrote:
When I need more volume, I would like to try this...


Not quite the right thing.. They seem powerful but that depends what u compare them with.

I am a Shock metal listener, and one of my favorite artists is Marilyn Manson. I usually blast it on headphones, i dont like terrorizing my neighbours, but when they are not around, i blast my music on 4 boxes. Each one of them has
15" woofer and 10x17" horn. Together they total in 4000W (4x1000). Its what gets the party going always Very Happy
4000W ?!

Dear Satan, that's a lot! Shocked Shocked Shocked
yeah, but 150 watts of a tube amplificator smash your 4000 W...

I have listened to a Triple Rectifier with volume 10 and I know what I say Mr. Green.

We can't compare them.
Well, my dad has got a box for live shows in stadiums. That thing was original of a band, giving the power of the guitar. I hope this gives a little example HOW LOUD that thing can go.. Razz
Sickness wrote:
yeah, but 150 watts of a tube amplificator smash your 4000 W...

I have listened to a Triple Rectifier with volume 10 and I know what I say Mr. Green.

We can't compare them.

Tube based amps are the best indeed, but I wouldn't use them at home... too much electricity usage and other things that can give you a headache.
They are good for gigs, and I know that popular radio stations use them.
tube amps are good for everything... the only problem is thay you must play with a loud volume to sound well
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