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Cool Game Making Software !!!

Want to make a cool FPS game or RPG? Well you'v come to the right place. here i will post a link to loads of Cool game making software (i will try to post screen shts)
Listed by what i think best to last

1.Dark Basic
Requires: Windows, some programing noledge, good 3D card, no programing needed!
Price: Not free
Other: creates .exe royalty free

Requires: Windows, ideas, good 3D card
Price: Not free, DEMO AVALIBLE
Other: creates .exe royalty free Includes loads of ready 3D moddels

3.3D Game Maker
Requires: Windows, good 3D card, no programing needed!
Price: Not Free
Other: Includes loads of ready 3D moddels

4.RPG Maker
Requires: Windows
Price: Demo & Priced version are same thing
Other: creates .exe royalty free Includes loads of 2D art

Shocked Please post other cool game making programs here!
3D GameStudio
3D engine
Six degrees of freedom, multiple cameras and render views
Supports DirectX 9, DirectPlay, DirectShow, DirectSound
Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) culling
Potential Visibility Set (PVS) culling
Seamless indoor and outdoor support, chunked multitexture terrain system
Static and dynamic point, spot, and directional light sources
Static and dynamic shadows
Fog areas, Camera portals, reflections and mirrors
Geometric LOD, detail textures, texture compression
Softskin models with multiple shaders, bones and vertex animation, animation blending
Animated sprites and decals
Material properties for static and dynamic objects

Programmable particle generators for multiple particle types
Beam generators for laser beams and tracer paths
Vertex and pixel shaders, Shader model 3.0
HLSL/Cg and asm shader languages, FX file import
Bump and environment mapping, light mapping, Multitexturing (up to 8 textures)
Layered sky system with sky boxes, sky domes, clouds and backdrop bitmaps
Weather generators for rain, snow and tornadoes
Programmable effects like lens flares, bullet holes, distortion, fisheye, cartoon etc.

Physics & Collision Engine
Polygon level collision detection
Physics objects with gravity, damping, elasticity, friction
Hinge, ball, wheel, and slider joints
Water physics with dynamic wave generation
Arbitrary axis rotations for space and flight simulators
Path tracking for camera, actors or vehicles
Mouse picking and manipulating of 3D objects
Slow motion / quick motion effect

2D Engine
Multi-layer system
Animated 3D and 2D sprites
Movie player for fullscreen and sprite-projected movies
GUI panels with various button, slider, display and window types
Truetype and bitmap fonts
Screenshot generator

Sound Engine
Static and dynamic 3D sound sources with Doppler effect
Multichannel streaming sound player
WAV, OGG, MID, MP3, WMA, CD support

Network & Game Engine
Save / Load system for resuming games at arbitrary positions
Multi-player client/server mode for LAN and Internet (TCP/IP, UDP)
Multizone/multiserver support for massive online multiplayer games
Expandable through DLL plugins

Game Factory 2
License: Free, Professional
The Games Factory 2

Get ready to amaze your friends and family! Be ready to hear, "How did you do that?" Nothing beats the feeling you get when you complete your first game and other people play it. Nothing is more inspiring than having people anticipate your next creation. Make your computer into a games factory today!

The Games factory 2 is the follow up to the hugely successful Games Factory. The Games Factory's simpler interface and controls can be a great way for adults and children to get started in the fun, educational, and rewarding, world of Click creation!

The Games Factory provides everything you need to manufacture Arcade games, Platform games, Adventures, Screen Savers, and much, much, more. You simply click on an object, drag it to the play field, and click on the action it should perform. We supply all the heroes, monsters, powerups, and other objects you need, plus the sound and music for your games. Of course, you can easily add your own, custom items if you choose.

Not only that, The Games Factory is so powerful, it gives you fast screen scrolling, fade effects, and can display FLI animations, Video for Windows, and QuickTime movies. You can also play your favorite music tracks directly from your CD.

Choose The Games Factory now as an affordable entry into easy and enjoyable software creation, or as the perfect present for someone you know who would be thrilled by the ability to create games without programming. Or you can start out with our most powerful Click creation tools, Multimedia Fusion 2 or Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer. Its your choice!

Either way, you have never experienced so much ease of use and power in one software package before! Discover how enjoyable and exciting it is to inject your imagination into your computer, without programming, and see the results instantly! There is nothing else like it.

Nice information got there. Maybe i try some of them but some of them are not free too.
Any Gcreators from the gamecreators is really great and easy to use!
Altho none of the things they have are free Sad
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