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Do you believe celebrities should make big bucks?

Obviously there are controversies should celebrities (sports, filming, etc.) should make big bucks or not.

There are also people that criticize anime and foolish enough to blurt out their opinions in an offensive way.

I really do not see the difference between a cartoon, an anime, a movie, a book, and an animated 3d movie (in areas such as: story, fantasy, humor). If you just watch movie just because of the celebrity, and no offense, I think you're just weird.

I do not believe that celebrities should make big bucks. In fact, I believe that they should put those money in producing 3d movies. You might criticize that these 3d movies do not look real enough. If you have seen Final Fantasy Advent Children, you see that's these 3d characters and scenes look so much different from it just 4-6 years ago. It might or not might be more expensive in producing a 3d movie, but I believe that one day creating 3d characters will become second nature for these designers/programmers, the 3d characters and scenes so well-designed that you can't tell the difference between a real actor/scene, and, as a result of that, these designers do not have ridiculously high salary like that of an actor/actress. Of course, there are benefits for this such as providing great 3d images/theories to science community and game community.

However this is just an opinion. I would like to see the 3D characters substituting these celebrities one day.
What would be nice is if they had a better system of paying a celebrity for their talent and skills rather than some of the other reasons they get paid.

I'm not so sure that I would like to see the entire Thesbian world turned into CGI, these you would still need "celebrities" or at the least voice actors who are able to breathe life into the characters. This of course assumes that you don't have computer-generated speech for every single one of your characters.

With that, I certainly don't agree that the work that they do necessarily deserves the millions of dollars that they're getting. The good news is that there is a day of reckoning coming for everyone. Though I will leave that for the philosophy and religion section.

Sports figures should probably not be making the money that they make either. And does not take much looking around to see that the world is not fair, so if they can make it, and people will pay for it, good for them.
Yeah while many are paid exorbantly large salerys most actuall athletes and actors and such make much less than you think.
I agree with you, there are some celebrities that earn too much, while they are a lot or people dying of hunger. I do understand that athletes of basketball, soccer, football, etc. have to earn high slaries since they depend of there bodies and they risk them each game, also their professional life cycle are really short. However the actors doesnt have this risks and they are abe to continue acting for many years.
I agree that the money should be redistributed in a slightly more effecient way... It's not so much the actors I have a problem with, but the executives who are pocketing more than their fair share. Even so, they fund the film in the first place so its not like they aren't due a certain return.

The argument that the money should be invested in cgi productions doesn't ring true though. The film industry is in the situation its in because it's an astoundingly large business model. Entertainment and leisure obviously draw in big money because as first world countries draw in more money and, importantly, are prepared to go into bigger debt the amount we spend on entertainment is ridiculous. And films are one of the largest cornerstones of that system. You can't say we should reinvest the money into a smaller industry with a narrower base of appeal because people are paying to see live action films.

Even if, theoretically, studios started to pump money into cgi and anime and the public took to it then it would just be the voice actors getting paid the big bucks instead... And you can be sure that the Hollywood celebraties would have taken to the new medium and it would be them getting the money still and you'd now be thinking "Well why are these VAs getting paid so much money when there is a small industry out there making traditional films and actually acting in them instead of just doing the voicework."

I understand the frustration that some amazing works go largely unnoticed and get a small return on the money spent, but its the same as any other industry. For example, while some people do want a car that's breathtaking and original and breaks new boundries in design, most will settle for someting simple that will get them where they want. It's the same with films, the big money comes from the pointless blockbuster that's devoid of anything original but is an easy way to spend an hour and a half.
I think the vast majority of celebraties, especially actors and performers should make big money. They work much harder than most people think, and have demands on them and their time that most people would never be able to handle. Anyone who thinks celebrities are pampered and spoiled and just get money for nothing should spend a month doing what they do.

Atheletes are in a similar group. They work hard, and are the best at what they do. However, I think the public is partially to blame for skyrocketing players' salaries. If the public would stop paying ridiculous amounts of money to go to games, buy the merchandise, and the beer, the salaries would not be what they are. I love to laugh at sports fans who whine about players' salaries when they are paying $5000 for season tickets.
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