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About my cat

Any of you animal lovers out there, I need help!!!

We have a kitty. She's about 17 or 18 years old. She's urinating outside her litter box. We give her the medicine the vet prescribes for her infection but she keeps going pee pee on some of our rugs.

What else could I do? The vet just says give her the medicine but she is still not using her litter box.

Hi Ommusic,
Your kitty is well along in years, as I am sure you know. However, when compared to “Puss,”a tabby who lived from 1903 to 1939, (36 years), your kitty is still a kitty. Jean Stone, from Essex, has what is believed to be the oldest living cat (Whiskey), who is 33 years old. My own loveable cat, whom I called “Whiskers,” lived about 17 to 18 years until he finally cross over the rainbow bridge. Whiskers passed away due to a common problem among older cats that relates to failing kidneys. From what you described, however, it sounds like your aging cat has become incontinent. If she is becoming senile, perhaps she is just forgetting what she has been trained to do for so many years. It’s kind of hard to say with any degree of certainty. What does your veterinarian say?

Hang in there… I know this will be a very difficult time for you both. Perhaps you could try to restrict her living areas to spaces that are easy to clean up when she goes on the floor.

All the best
It’s tragic when our pets get old and they start deteriorating. You might want to see if you can’t change her diet. Shame. Making her a comfortable little environment sounds like a good idea though, just don’t make her feel like she’s living in a cage, I think cats hate that more than anything. Good luck.
When my cat decided to randomly pee on places other than her litter tray, I simple moved what she peed on, and she stopped peeing there. Maybe that would help?
My cat is called Lucky and she is black and white and very friendly.

She mostly purrs but if she wants feeding she goes meow very loudly!
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