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Country Music with a new face

Country has become more and more popular even if you dont want to believe it.... all my friends!. I love country Music, its all im about. Country this, country that. I love country music so much that i listen to it when ever i can. I listen to it on the bus ride to and from school, in the shower, (lol) and even when i go to bed. I even listened to it in study hall today. Very secretly. Tell me if you are that addicted to country. My favorite artists are pretty much all of them, but i do have plenty of favorite songs. just to name a few: Comin' to your City (Big and Rich), Would you go with me (Josh Turner), and If your going through hell (Rodney Adkins), just to name a few. I also love redneck stuff but ill put that in a new post.

I LOVE country music i CANT NOT listen to it!!
I love some of the songs you listed but there are others like Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson and i really love some of the other songs with deeper meanings like When i get where im going by Brad Paisley!! im also VERY MUCH in love with the song Holy Water by Big and rich!!

Most of the songs of the Country Genre are really good everyone thinks its just i lost this i lost that she cheated on me type stuff but it all has a really good meaning behind it and it teaches you a LOT about yourself and things you didnt know!!!

I got hooked on Country by the song called Austin by Blake Shelton and have LOVED country music EVER since!!!
thank you for agreing! i think im the only person in my school who listen to country, i love big and rich. every song of theirs is on my ipod!
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