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Issue with Nero Burning Rom when writing DVD Video Files

Da Rossa
I was about to burn a DVD Video-Files compilation with NBR, when I hit "Burn!", a warning says "pre-allocation of files failed. Continue anyway?" I say yes. When finished, the message is "Writing sucessful with warnings". I used Nero Burning Rom What are the implications? Thanks!
implications? I got no idea but how come you're not using new Nero7 I'm having less problems with DVD burning on Nero7

If you find the implications let us know hehe Very Happy
what kind of video file are you trying to burn? what compression?
Da Rossa
I'm attempting to burn a 4.3GB ordinary compilation of DVD video files (that pack with VOBs, BUPs and IFOs). It came from my boxset, that I want to backup, from which each disc has a total size of 7.7GB approx, using DVD Rebuilder I compressed to a DVD5 size, resulting in a 4.3GB compilation. With 'implications' I meant "the possible consequences" of burning with this warning.
I refused to upgrade to Nero 7.XX.XX because may people have reported problems with the burning process, the Audio CD creation (tracks distribution) and so on.

Fadrirocks, what problems exactely you used to have with Nero 6.X that have ceased with version 7?

The resulting disc is playable, but I'm afraid about the things that might happen due to this warning he displayed at the beginning of the 'fire'.
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