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How You Know About Sex?

When You Know About Sex
below 10 years old
 41%  [ 28 ]
11 - 15 years old
 45%  [ 31 ]
16 - 20 years old
 5%  [ 4 ]
above 20 years old
 7%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 68

i was wonder how people know about sex. i see some people know how to have sex when they are still young and some of them only know that when they are around 15 years old. and i thk i know about sex around 14 if i am not mistaken. but i'm not that interested with it that time. and i know it when my cousin play a sex tape and he ask me to watch... so how about you?
sumhow i dont think you'll "know about sex" just by watching porn. Wink
i watched Basic Instinct when i was only 12, my mom left the tape in the VHS that time so when she left i watched it. With some really nice scenes too, i think twas Sharon Stone that starred in it, or was it Demi Moore? Twisted Evil
ColdFire wrote:
sumhow i dont think you'll "know about sex" just by watching porn. Wink
i watched Basic Instinct when i was only 12, my mom left the tape in the VHS that time so when she left i watched it. With some really nice scenes too, i think twas Sharon Stone that starred in it, or was it Demi Moore? Twisted Evil

Sharon Stone.

I think "knowing" or "learning" about sex is something that keeps happening as long as you are alive. What I knew at 16 changed by the time I was 20. What I know at 20 changed by 30. etc, etc. Anyone who thinks they know everything about sex just needs a new partner. Wink
Subsonic Sound
I knew what it was from a very early age. Early enough that I don't even remember just when it was. But at that age, it was a disgusting idea. I couldn't understand why anyone would want it.

Early teens I started to understand why people would want it... and to want it myself, though frankly I wouldn't say I really understood it. Just knew what it was and wanted it, on a hard-wired, biological level. As a primal urge.

Honestly, I wouldn't say I understood it fully until some years after I started doing it (16 years old). I didn't understand it fully until the time came that I knew it as much as an expression of love as a primal desire. I couldn't say for certain when that was, as it's a continuing development rather than a moment of sudden epiphany, but I'm guessing about 19 years old.

And I'm only 20 now. Smile

Edit in response to HoboPelican's post - of course, understanding something isn't the same as knowing everything about it. :p
I can't remember how old I was either when I first learned about sex....I was extremely young though...I found a book of my parent's. Ewwwww. Most people I think learn what they know from peers first. Then they find out through sex ed and stuff.
I don't remember exactly how old I was, but I know I was under 10, since I was still in the early years of elementary school. My mom read a book to me about sex; it was extremely awkward, but at least I wasn't as confused about it as some of my peers were.
Ahh, I'm only one who voted over 20.

It really depends on what you call sex. If you are reffering to the act of producing an offspring, then maybe 10 to 13 or so. If you are referring to actual and enthusiatic and enjoyable act of sex, then I say over 20.

Anyone can stick a pencil in a pencil sharpener. Its all about who can get the most efficient use out of the two items before they no longer function properly.
Well, I'm yet to really have sex, even though I'ml over 20 years old.
i came to know about sex after 10 yrs... through my frnds who watched porn and made me do the same!!
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If you mean "How are babies made?" type knowledge, I was 7. I asked my mother. She told me.

I learnt about contraception and the more specific biological workings of it all when I was about 10.

Since then it's just been teen magazines and the general media. I'm nearly 19 and still a virgin as it is.
My parents are very conservative. Till I learnt the truth at school I actually believed hospitals manufacture babies! Not the greatest teachers or the wisest but I got almost all of my knowledge from my friends and Jackie Collins!
I was 7 when my mom gave me the "facts of life" and the "birds and the bees" speech.

... Not pleasent coming from a pleasently plump women and at 7 thinking that she did that with daddy. Its like when that kid walks into the room and is like "daddy! stop hurting mommy!"
I learned of people having sex by reading Mills and Boons novels my mother used to borrow from the library and then leave them lying around. I used to read just the sex part and I soon found out each one of them would have at least one sex scene.
I started to know about sex at a quite early age. I used to hang around boys older than myself and the maids I think were always thinking that a 4 or 5 year old won't remember what he sees. Laughing
<newlife~t> I probably got the idea of where babies really came from through secretly listening to conversations between my peers at school. I would say it must have started when I was around 10. Then a year or so later, I found my brother's stash of porn magazines. Though I had crushes on girls at the time, what I saw in the magazines was more about fascination than exhilaration.

After yet another year, I finally got excited looking at those pictorials, but it would have to be another 8 or 9 years before I actually had intercourse.

Although I don't recommend it ... I think, since there were no other sources available to me, I relied on porn (videos--not the "bad" cheezy ones) to teach me about having sex.
lol my older brother went and blabbed to a probably 6, 7 year old me as soon as my mother had the birdsandthebees talk with him. of course i didn't believe it (what a disgusting idea!) for probably another two years until my mother confirmed it. that's when i got the general "how babies are made" idea. i don't know when my understanding went beyond procreation... but my first time to actually have sex (19) i had a good understanding of what i was getting into. i still don't claim to know everything tho Smile
I think too, it is all actually start knowing about sex when you practise it. It's like the school thing, you learn and learn and learn, but the only way you understand actually how things work is by acting to it. I was pretty late having my first real sex. But before that I was already masturbating for years. Watching movies and stuff, you think you are ready by the time you want to start, and when it is that fail anyway... Laughing Obviously if you have a nice girlfriend that had experience, she knows...and she comforts you and the next time is already better. After a few times, Voila...another expert has born.

Then you start experiencing, because your confiance is greater. When you get a new girlfriend, it all kinda starts all over...Lot's of people fail the first time with another person again. Only when you are more experienced that risk decreases. But it is fun also...exciting...and I guess you are never too old to learn more
I helped my friend - teacher - on her school trip, boys there whop was aged 6-7 know abpout sex... It was the main point of their interest.
there are people in my classes grade 10 some are even less that are on birth control pills..

now thats shows there is smthign wrong there..
or it could be right... because back in like the days of hamlet.. ppl were married by 13.. or 15.. so

grade 10 cant be that big of deal.
Whats a good point to also make is how surprising it is some older people don't know about health protection methods while having sex, like wearing condoms for oral sex. I mean they do teach us in school courses about this at a young age, but I don't know about everyone else but I wasn't exactly in the frame of mind to really understand the seriousness of the issue at the time.
HoboBarticus wrote:
Ahh, I'm only one who voted over 20.

It really depends on what you call sex. If you are reffering to the act of producing an offspring, then maybe 10 to 13 or so. If you are referring to actual and enthusiatic and enjoyable act of sex, then I say over 20.

Anyone can stick a pencil in a pencil sharpener. Its all about who can get the most efficient use out of the two items before they no longer function properly.

Noooo you're not aloone Very Happy
well if you refer to knowing what to do with your body when it's starting toi get hard til it hurts (sorry Iam very impolite Very Happy), at about 12 or 13 you get all the details about how everything works and how do babies come to life.

I learned about the other sex (not real sex though, that of love ... which is a ahole world on its own ...) through hiding and watching those german channels at night ... with the fear that someone might come in and take you by surprise watching these movies ... never watched those with friends though, when they invited me, because in the society we live in it s bad to watch such things, and I didn't want to be with the bad boyz ... Very Happy
probley like 12 or thirteen. Its not like its a big deal or anything. It actually may have been younger. My parents dont' really care about that kind of stuff i guess you can say.
hey, i think age is not the problem here... because sex is nothing... as long as you got the correct sex education.
i watched my first porno when i was in third grade, i remember exactly what the scene was, so that must mean i really enjoyed it or was really paying attention. thats how i learned about sex, pretty young, then i learned more about sex when i first did it at age 15. way to damn young.
I understand about the sex from my classmates in school. I was 11 years old I think when the sex became the main topic in school. The funniest think was that in this years you can hear a realy fantastic suggestions about what sex is and how the people do it. The biggest joke was that the sperm is toxic.
i learned about sex when I was younger at about 11 or so...I knew about it but wasn't really indicative of what it was all about... Honestly, I don't what benefit it gives people if you learn about it sooner or later? by teaching people and informing them early i feel can somewhat be good so that people understand it. however, it give kids a more broad idea that they can mature faster (in my opinion) and that they should be more active in it.

I don't know...its a very broad topic...
Its wired how all of us dont seem to really know when exactly we knew about sex, I certainly dont alll i know is I definately knew about it and I wanted it in a cave man way, obviously I did not know mutch about it but I knew it was there ; )

Interesting survye you might be on to something here.

I was always interested in sex even tho I did not know the correct name... my female cousin and I used to play "sex games" in the bathroom when we showered together....

My mom tried to give me the "talk" when I was about 12 or so...but all she did was further confuse me...

I learnt about sex from my peers at school when I was 12-14....

One month before my 14th birthday I had sex.....

So everything else I learnt was experimental.... Wink
Mm, first time i watched porn was at the age of 11.Uncle couldn't be bothered about me walking up and down. So i sat behind at watched without understanding why the girls were groaning.
Of course you know about sex when youre really young, even tho you dont know about the details. Damn, my best friends four year old sometimes asks about where kids come from, of course they tell him how it works, anything else would be stupid!
You won't believe this, but I knew that certain people had sex when I about 11 years old from reading trashy novels and chancing upon my parents porn tapes. At that time I thought that only certain "bad" people in hollywood had sex.

But it wasn't until I was about 14 or 15 that I learnt this is the way babies were made!!!


Resource Centre for Digital Video Productions
My friend told me about sex in the second grade.
I heard about it when I was 7 or 8 (just like my son...) and I remember I couldn't understand why people would do such a physical thing. It didn't seem to be appealing at all at that time. Laughing
I think many of us in not clear obout what sex is so let's be clear what....
Sex is...

both physical and emmotional in nature.
risky; you can get pregnant, catch an STD (that may be with you for the rest of your life), have your heart broken or your ego bruised, or feel let down and disappointed when it is over.
a milestone; you only get one chance to lose your virginity so you should make every effort to ensure the memory is a good one and that the timing is really right for you AND your partner.
not to be taken lightly or treated as recreation.
best when it is a personal expression of caring between two people.
messy and full of strange, sometimes embarassing noises.
Sex is NOT...
a way to make somebody love you or make a commitment to you.
a test of your love for or devotion to your partner.
a measure of how mature or grown up you are.
a good way to get back at your parents or assert your independence.
a leisure activity.
always fun or enjoyable; there will be time when you will wonder if it was really worth it.
Remember, when you have sex for the wrong reasons only you have something to lose!
If you are sexually active there are some important things you should know about the sex act itself.
Umm, It May be cultural, but most people in Australia learn about it when they're about 9. If Not you're taught in grade 5. (About 10)

One month before my 14th birthday I had sex.....

Thats Sick, not to mention ILLEGAL.
I think once you start primary school and get into the 3rd year then you start to know. So i was probably 10 or under. Obviously i didn't know about it very well to the extent i know of it now. But i knew how too and what it was etc etc. I think 99% of people who actually go out and about with friends etc will know exactly what it is by the time they hit secondry school.
i learned about sex when i was, like, four? it was explained to me but i really didn't quite understand the details (lol) or how it could have worked. like, how's anyone ever going to enjoy that. Laughing nothing's better that the full demonstration, though. Wink heheh. this was in my twenties. lol, i was an old virgin.
Well, it might be where people live, but in your 20's isnt an old virgin.

A Lot Of People wait until they're married to have sex.
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